Autumn looks beautiful. I have never seen this beauty this way. I was happy to see the colors and suddenly I realized the reason behind. I was walking down the hill and realized it’s so cold. My hands are freezing. I was also enjoying the chilled wind and suddenly I felt plants are also feeling the same as me. I felt they are also alive. Even leafs are unable to tolerate the cold wind. They are dying and leaving the green beauty. Oh.. that pinned me !! I stopped for a moment to take a close look if my thought is right and it was the reality. They are making the way for us to see the beauty of nature and letting us to welcome the winter by sacrificing their own beautiful leafs. After few weeks they will be standing without that green beauty. We will find another beautiful way to see the plant with the snowy background. But they wait for the Winter to end and get the green leafs again. What a beautiful sacrifice.

We human being must be thankful to each plant for so many reasons.. 😇

#findingreasonbehindthebeauty #thankfultoeachplant


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