I have a lot of questions about so many things. I don’t know so much afterall. Sometimes I get a reply, sometimes I don’t. But I keep searching the answer and till date I am successful to find the answers. I have a restless mind which never let my brain sit back ideally. I ask myself, search in Google, think, calculate, ask someone who I believe may have an answer, if not then ask someone else. I just cannot sit back or move on from the thing I have questions about. Sometimes it’s difficult but I am obsessed with this nature.

I know how to entertain my brain. So many things I got to know from my applied Philosophy. This happens specially when I am not satisfied with the reply I have got from someone. I cannot be satisfied if the reply seems to be so much materialistic or if I feel the person replied just because I have asked the question and never understood the depth of my question. I feel they would have said that they did not understand my question or they are not willing to reply my questions. Well, forget about my complains. Whenever I get an unacceptable reply I get to think differently. So thanks to those imperfect replies.

This is funny, I don’t know the reply, but I don’t believe on others too. Honestly I need a valid reply and I will judge if it us valid. I will filter which to accept, which to modify and which to reject. It obviously proofs my self-esteem.

What is self-esteem? It is the belief about oneself. Self-esteem is all about the awareness of  my own Existence. The biggest question I never had is about my Existence. I believe I exist. I never had any concept about Existence or Existence can be a topic to think about. I believe it’s the same for a huge percentage of people all over the world. I got to think about it from the time I read the theory of René Descartes:

Cogito ergo sum

I think therefore I exist… !

I am not going to explain his theory. I want to share my thoughts only. I feel that I exist in every moment of my life including in my dreams. The feeling is precious. I know that my exitence doesn’t need any approval from anyone. I exist within me. I don’t need to be recognised by anyone or anything to proof my existence. I am bright enough to show up like a star within the Universe. Each and every step of mine proves my existence to me. If I don’t exist in my own beliefs, I don’t exist anywhere.

Existence doesn’t required attention from others. It’s upto me how much I am aware of my actions, my feelings. It is the feeling how much I am a well-wisher of myself. It describes how much I take care  of myself. It shows how much I am into the things I am doing, how much effort I have put to make a thing beautiful. It cannot be ignored anyway even after ages. It’s the uniqueness. It is so different from any other things in the Universe. It’s a signature which will exist forever.

When I can describe this way, I believe I exist within my words as well. It is simple as it is. There is so much “I” in me, isn’t it?!



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