This two girls became friends from their age of 18. They knew each other from the age of 15, 9th standard. They knew each other just because of the same class room. They knew each other from their own point of view. Probably they never got to think about each other. They were happy in their own life. But destiny wanted them to be friends for ever. So my today’s story says how they became made for each-other by soul without understanding. I would say understanding is not a mandatory fact to be soulmates. It’s the never give up attitude applied on eachother.

Diya: She is with a sweet round jolly face with long natural straight hair. Beautiful smile with nice teeth. When she smiles it feels the flower’s smile. She is a pure soul, speaks all stupid things and laugh all day. Every single little thing is very big for her. She is worried about every nonsense which has no relationship with her life. She doesn’t have any commitment sense.

Shruti: the girl is thin with average hight, but taller than Diya. She has long curly hair with an oval face. She has a beautiful smile too. She is with humour and has a small friend circle. She doesn’t like loads of people to create mess around her. She has a strong personality to control others not to mess with her. She cannot leave any topic without correcting or cannot leave half the way. The commitment sense was so strong for Shruti.

So basically in school, Shruti and Diya never liked each other. Diya used to think that Shruti is so serious and don’t care about anyone or anything. Shruti used to think that Diya is stupid and always with irrelevant stuffs.

Shruti was well organised, wore dresses nicely. Diya was just a mess on her dressing sense. But surprisingly they never had any bitterness with each other and they never fought with each other in the school. So they never really had any fighting climax before they became friends.

They both graduated from the school and lost allmost all of their school friends after school. Both joined the same college with same subject. Automatically they became each other’s comfort zone. So friendship was supposed to happen by default. They both felt good to introduce themselves that they belong from the same school and they have been together from childhood. This was funny and obviouly untruth but, they both loved to accept that and tell others as well. All the time both were together. Eating, sitting, talking, going to college, coming back, even the tuition classes were the same. Their houses were only 10 minutes away by by-cycle. So it became easy to communicate whenever they wanted.

Because of no commitment sense Diya told so many NOs to Shruti and because of a strong commitment sense Shruti was always there with Diya. Shruti had only one friend but Diya still had multiple friends to speak. Shruti gave company to her while she was with her so called friends but, never count those people as friends. Both were happy with each other.

They fought and stopped talking so many times and then did all emotional dramas to patch up. One good thing started happening with them was that they started sharing their feelings. Both committed to love relationships. Both did not like each others boyfriend. Shruti expressed to Diya, but Diya never expressed that she also did not like Shruti’s boyfriend. Shruti expressed because she had only one friend and she cared about her. Diya did not express because it was none of her business and for the fear of being scolded by Shruti. But honestly both were right at the place of not liking each-others boyfriend. Both got the devil of their life.

Shruti used to feel the love and tell Diya ‘this is how you need to love‘. Diya learnt and couldn’t get over her boyfriend. Their life kept going with different experiences: friendship, study, happiness, fight, love, pain and so on. Pain in love relationship is mandatory, isn’t it?

Both were together with all the good and bad experiences of their life. Shruti had a strong control on Diya to keep her in the right track. Sometimes Diya thought everything is going wrong in study, but Shruti told her to keep the trust on her and she will make it right. They graduated from the college. Shruti broke-up the relationship since she understood there is no future of pain. Future of pain is only pain and she wanted to get out of that pain. She did. Diya was the most important person to be with her when she was alone. The family went against because of her break-up decision. Stopped talking with her, treated like a biggest mistaker. But Shruti did not change her decision to go for the same person again. Diya gave her lap for Shruti to cry. When everything goes wrong a true friend helps to heal.

After bachelor’s degree they had to take admission in different Universities for their Master’s. Shruti moved to hostel for study. Diya stayed at home. Diya was still there with her during her exam or even visited the hostel, stayed few times as a guest. Once Diya visited the hostel and shared the issues with her relationship. Shruti spoke to her boyfriend and asked him to leave her and she will handle her and make sure she never goes back to him. But that scoundrel never really left her. Always made her cry. Shruti always knew that guy will never keep Diya happy. She understood that people never change their character.

It went on and on. They completed their Master’s degree. Still Shruti is the only mentor of Diya and herself. They started looking for job. Started studying for better jobs. Shruti was becoming impatient because she had to give excuses to her family for not getting married. Suddenly she decided to try something new and she decided to pursue a job in a totally different city. She informed Diya that she is moving out of the state and give a try for her career. Diya cried. Shruti made her understand that they will be in touch always. Already they were being together for more than 8 years. No one can apart them. Job will give her happiness, it will help to fulfill her dreams.

Shruti took the first flight, Diya left behind. Tears were there in both of their eyes. No one else felt the way they felt for being so far. Diya kept doing the same: study for government job, give tuition to school students and cry whenever fought with her boyfriend.

Life was going through the tough time for both of them. Diya was fighting with her immature feelings where Shruti was fighting to proof herself in the best ways. She decided to modify herself to be her own ideal, own model character. Diya was always there to her strong by listening her daily challenges. Then another turn came in their life.

Diya was unwell, she used to feel uneasy in her stomach, doctor said she has a big tumour in her ovary. She must get a baby soon or else if she operates the tumor she may not be able to give birth for whole life. Diya was broken and went crazy with her emotions. That news had broken Shruti as well. She started searching for good doctors and spoke to Diya, told her that this doctor is not the only doctor and that is not the only solution she has. To get a baby she had to get married and Diya did it. Diya forced her boyfriend to marry her. The devil denied initially but had to agree with her since she was desperate to take the biggest wrong decision. She did it. They got married and she became pregnant. She was so happy with lot of unhappiness in her relationship. Shruti was more worried about Diya’s emotions. The guy did not even care for a moment. Shruti did, she took over major responsibilities to see her happy. Diya was with her family. Everyone took care of her. But she was so upset not being loved by her husband. The guy always said bad words since he was forced to marry her.

Finally the day came, she gave birth of a baby boy. That was not the happy ending. She lost the healthy baby on the 10th day of his birth. He couldn’t survive the air outside his mom’s Womb. Everyone broke down. Diya stopped talking with everyone but Shruti. Shruti decided to bring her to the city she was living, but Diya wasn’t in a health condition to visit. The tumor was operated at the same time of delivery. So the recovery took a lot of time. The darkness in Diya’s life killed Shruti by heart. Each day she got hundreds of negative thoughts. One night she got a very bad feeling and took an emergency flight to see Diya. Diya needed her the most. Shruti visited her and that was the first time Diya cried loudly. Shruti gave all her time to be with Diya. She made her laugh with all her humour. Shruti had to go back but she asked for Diya’s arrival at her place once she recovered. That never happened.

Diya’s family was furious to make her life fine. They send her to the in-laws (a brutal truth from the cultural stand point) and thought everything will be fine. As usual, that never happened. She was prohibitted to talk with anyone, specially she was not allowed to speak with Shruti. Shruti was impatient, but each day she waited for her call and prayed good for her. Shruti knew the day Diya will get a single chance, she will give the first call to her. The call came, but with a good news and a bad news. Good news was she was pregnant again and bad news was she left his house because she cannot stay with that devil. He tortured her even after knowing she is pregnant.

Diya knew Shruti cannot accept her pregnancy because it was again a big wrong decision. Shruti thought in her mind: ” no problem, I am happy that she will get a baby again, I will take care of her, I will give her all the happiness which she deserves“. Shruti spoke up and told Diya that she is with her always and took a promise that she will never cry for that devil. Everything seems to look good. Shruti visited Diya and spent beautiful time laughing and remembering their old happy memories.

Now another twist was waiting for them. Shruti was doing well at her work and was expecting any good opportunities. She got, but she had to leave her country that time. Diya became so happy and upset at the same time. She felt unsecured. She got questions if Shruti is not there who will support her. But still she was happiest. Both dreamed for their better future, both had the strongest trust on each other that they can’t be parted. They became soul mates from their soul.

Shruti came to home for her visa process and met Diya in the weekends. They both visited the doctor together and felt happy whenever the doctor said baby is growing healthy. Time to wait for the good news. One is her baby, second is her Visa approval. This will change both of their life in a beautiful way. But did it really happen the way they expected?? Let’s see the next turn.

Both the good news came on the same day. Shruti got an email:

“your visa has been approved”.

Within 5 minutes a call:

” it’s a baby boy”.

Diya has one good news, but Shruti has two. Shruti prayed everything has to be fine here after and went to office. She started believing everything is going to be forever.

But, all the happiness was supposed to be faded away with a storm. Within five days the baby boy passed away. Diya did not cry. Shruti cried a lot. The environment became same as after an earthquake. Nothing can describe the situation. Doctor came to the conclution that the issue is genetical disorder and none of the baby will survive from them. No one knew what can console Diya. She became like a stone. She only spoke with Shruti, the whole night and day. No sleep, no feeling, everything went blank. Diya was describing her experiences at hospital.

Shruti was lost and was just concentrating on Diya. She had to book the tickets, fix the date of leaving the country, lot of work pressure, lot of meetings, leaving the place she styed for past few years and at the same time leaving Diya was so damn difficult for her. She didn’t panic, neither she could inform Diya about her Visa and the date of leaving. She decided to say everything when she is with her. Responsibility was the most important thing at that moment and she did it well.

Diya was more important on top of everything. She was waiting when Shruti will be back and sit with her, console her for which she was waiting more than anything. Tell me is there any replacement of this love? any replacement of this trust? No, never. Shruti became more responsible on her actions, words, thoughts. She came back to home and Diya was at her home. They both spoke about their next plan. Next plan to be very strong and fix everything. Diya was totally dependent on Shruti. Everything has to be decided by Shruti and Diya will listen to her without taking any wrong decision anymore. Diya cried on Shruti’s lap this time.

Destiny decides.

Shruti asked Diya to keep the same faith, same trust on her so that she make the right calculation for their better future from the point they are standing. Shruti left her country without any excitement. She reached the unknown part of the world. But she never forgot have a conversation with the one who only waits for her. Shruti wanted to fix everything and she did it. Diya signed the divorce paper. She moved to the city. Found a job. All the calculations worked and it has been completed by Diya.

This is called soul mate. It feels proud to be very strong. At the end they learnt to be right, they learnt to be strong, they learnt to be happy to be together. They learnt to be ready for any future challenges. They didn’t need to be console by others but consoled by each other. They didn’t seek empathy from others but from each others.

Once in a life time you are gonna meet your soul mate like the way Shruti and Diya met.

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  1. Do thoughts control emotions or the other way round? Think about it and you may agree with me that it is difficult to answer. Because certain thoughts bring out certain emotions. And certain emotions may lead to certain thoughts. But what’s more important is, balance between the two. They need to be in tune with each other and be able to control each other to keep a check. Well, I am giving you this example because that’s how I felt this story of rare and true friendship has been. Very touching and heart warming story.


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