gratitudeIf you think that no one understands you, no one listens to you, everyone says you are wrong. If you think that everyone misunderstood you always and hurts you all the time, trust me you are wrong. You are totally wrong. 

I have multiple examples of your acceptance even after you did all wrong. Even after you said all shitty stuffs, your hands never slapped you. Did it? Because it accepts you by all mean. Even after when you came back after fighting on  totally wrong topic where you wanted to win by hurting with your bad words. You came back and started thinking that you did wrong, you started feeling bad, you deserve to be slapped. Did your hand gave you that? No right?! 

Again, when you were sad, got hurt badly and started crying like a kid in your own room, in the dark so that no one else find you, who was there to wipe your tears?!! It was your hands. You just gave a hint with your tear, it listened to you to wipe it off. 

One more, when it was so cold outside and was raining cats and dogs, you knew if you go outside to get drenched, you will get fever. But you just loved the rain. Your friends or parents stopped you without understanding your feelings. They were just worried about your health. But who is bothered about their worries, you just asked your feet to take you in the winter rain and dance with you just to make you so happy.

See, your feet also listens to you. It did not stop just because you may get fever. It did not even think that it will get fever at the same time. How can you forget this happiness !!

Again, it always save you whenever you took the subway to walk instead of crossing the road without signals. You wanted it to be that way. Or else, trust me it would have had denied you and make you to face an accident to cross the road in few seconds for the quick action.

One more, your friends or colleagues were whispering something and laughing. You became insecure and started thinking if they were talking about you. You asked your ear to listen. You knew that is wrong and if they are your friends, you can just go and ask directly what they are talking about and they can also share the fun with you since you don’t want to miss it.

But no, you wanted to do the wrong thing by making yourself decent in front of them and you stop the music on your headphones. Your obedient ear listens and found that they are laughing on something else. You start the music and continue doing your work.

Now I have three examples who listens to you. Your ear who helped to find you were wrong, your feet which did not take you to them to listen directly and your hands which did not slap you when you were thinking wrong about them.

No matter wherever you are they will not disappoint you or disobey you.

Now think otherwise. Have you seen those people who promised to listen to their children for the whole life just because their children cannot walk? May be because their children don’t even understand how to eat food properly. That is because their (those children/ anyone with disabilities) hands or feet do not listen to them. Or may be they are not capable of learning how to give a hint to theirs hands and feet for making them listen the way they want. Will you give your ability to them? No right? 

Next time when you start crying by thinking no one listens to you, I hope the above thought will surely help.

    Be happy with a rich heart. ❤️ That’s all we deserve.

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