Inspired by my Mother:

I always appreciate my memory, I mean I remember a lot of incidents from my childhood. Today I remember a very strong incident where my mother indirectly taught me what is morality. I did not understand at that time since I was just 8 or 9 years old. But now I totally get from where I have got the good soul with great morals. You have to accept that your mother is your first teacher by all mean. She is the one who gave you the earth to feel and took the responsibility to keep you safe, she is the trust you had at the first step after your birth. This little description was required before I describe my description, because I am going to point my finger on other parents and teachers which I never did before.

My mom is a homemaker, father was in banking and I have a younger brother who is 4.5 years younger than me. My mom got full freedom to manage her own home life with two children. When this incident happened, most probably I was in class III and my age was 8-9. My school dress was a white frock with a red belt. I was crazy about rubber belts because it doesn’t need to be tightening manually for a real tiny waist. My father told me that is not good for my body, it disrupts the blood circulation and also it was expensive than the cotton belt or plastic belts. He was honest on his comments and never gave any false hope to me. But I was stubborn as usual and finally he had to buy me the belt. That belt was the great reason for more than one lesson. One lesson I understood at that age itself, another I understood after a long time.

I was so happy with my new belt, with lot of excitement I went school wearing that. At the lunch break all kids play at the play ground and girls had same type of belts. One of my classmates lost her’s and started searching for it. One of her friends saw my belt and told that Sangita is wearing the belt since they have never seen me wearing that type of belt before. The moment my friend and I heard about their doubt, my friend immediately suggested me to write my name on the belt so that they can understand the belt is mine. But those girls were quick and went directly to the teacher’s room to complain based on what they understood and as a result the head mistress took off my belt and called guardians.

That was the first worst experience of my life. The incident simply told I have stolen my own belt and I have to give it to someone else. I was upset and even cried. I had a cousin who was in the high school and may be in class IX. She was called as refered by me and head miss gave her a notice to pass my mother. She took me home and told the whole story to my mother. My mother told she won’t visit the school because of my baby brother and also somewhere she was hurt for the incident which she couldn’t accept. Now I think, may be she thought if she goes for a guardian call where her daughter is not guilt, that may describe she has accepted the blame on her daughter. Instead of visiting the school she wrote a letter to the head mistress and send it through the same cousin to hand it over. The teacher started reading it in front of my cousin, other teachers and I. Letter was something like below:

Respected Ma’am,

I am sorry to inform you that I couldn’t visit the school as informed by you. Since you are the teacher of my child, I believe you know my daughter well. One thing I would like to mention that no matter whatever lesson I give to my daughter, my moral will never tell her to steal someone else’s stuff.

Kind Regards,

The letter was very small for them to understand and I lost my belt because the other girl got her parents in the school and they recognised my belt as their daughter’s belt. I was upset on everything. My thoughts were:

a. I should never force my father again to get anything which he says no ( my first lesson as I mentioned before)

b. What did my mother wrote in the letter? What was my teacher understanding?

c. My mother would have visited the school to get me my belt.

d. I have not done anything wrong, it’s fine I have lost my belt, my mom did not scold me.

Even after few months or few years I couldn’t forget that incident, neither I forgot that girl and her parents. Whenever I have been through the way her home is, I remembered. But you know that never destroyed my school environment or personal life. It was all fine.

Now I re-analyze that incident and my mother’s action which is highly respected. I can proudly say my mother took the right action. Teacher’s did not take the right action because they have not done any investigation. Teachers would have asked other kids if Sangita was playing with them too, which was not, they were playing at the other side. As a teacher they must have investigated in a better way or never given the belt to either of us. The other girl’s parents were not totally wrong but they would have really understood the difference between a new and an old belt and asked their daughter where all she was playing. Also would have assured her if she has lost it and aware of it, she will not get scolded. I was kind of sure that she knew she lost her belt. Their story ends here.

The moral I have got from that incident was the second part of my lesson:

I slowly understood, I have to back myself as we do in self-defence. Speak out the truth loudly and in short. People really listen to a short loud sentence, your loud spirit make them silent. Truth is truth, it never requires other’s acceptance. Be truthful to yourself, you know yourself the most and apply the ethics to be honest to yourself and the world will understand. Never say sorry for the mistake you never did, instead say NO loudly. There is nothing wrong to say the truth, it makes you feel proud inside. You decide who you want to be. Being truthful is always being the strongest.

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