The fastest year was 2017 which has changed so many usual things in my life and helped me to stand with a totally different understanding of the world. The year gave me a thoughtful sky where I created a lot of new stories and set an expectation to create throughout my life. The 2017 is the year to feel proud for being a self-motivator person to understand my self-esteem which taught me to feel every single emotion and the changes in my life. This is the year to thank so many people who made my life more meaningful with beauty of unexpected experiences. This small article is dedicated to the year 2017, to all those instances which made me learn and feel the Gratitude to reasons of my existence.

I recall the evening of 31st December’16, I came back after watching an inspiring movie with my best buddy, after finishing my dinner had few conversation with him and decided to sleep, but I could not. My mind was full of inconsistent thoughts and my heart was beating with an unknown-known fear. On the new year morning I travelled from Bangalore to Kolkata/ Calcutta, my home to spend a little long time with my family and complete a long procedure to get my Visa to travel overseas. Already I was serving my notice period after I resigned and got my dream job offer unexpectedly. By the end of 2016 I have learnt that hard work pays off.

My new journey started from the first day of January’17 in a fast paced mode. The first two months were the experiences to visit most of the important Government offices in India. Those started like: Passport office, Ministry of Interior’s office, Indian post office, Writer’s Building, Calcutta University, Embassy of Czech Republic in Delhi. While visiting each offices in Calcutta, my brother was there and he made me feel comfortable in my own unknown city. But surprisingly I have never taken a flight with anyone known and visited Delhi the capital of my country for the first time, alone and it was little scary for me with the very similar feeling when I landed Bangalore for the first time in 2013 December.

From January to April (2017) I realized that I am good enough to balance the three “P”s (personal life, private life and professional life) of my life, being in work pressure and lot of ongoing sudden changes. I was getting ready each day to leave all the comfort zone, my family, my friends, the lovely city Bangalore and last but not the least a love of my life, my mother land. Finally I left everything behind by the month of May and landed over one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Prague. I can clearly feel those initial days where I was amused with the beauty of this country and at the same time cried over one week by remembering my father’s teary eyes while leaving home. He never imagined that his daughter could be so brave to go out of the country alone.

From the starting of the year I have been introduced with few most helpful person in my life to make the journey of my life easier in the new country. I respect all of them from the core of my heart, will be always grateful to their help and support for being there beside me whenever I needed and I will need them always in this country. It was never easy to get adjusted to the new environment with new people, new language and after all a totally new cultural approach. I was being educated to face all those new approaches and environment by one of the most important friend and the former manager of my previous company. Few moments were there where I was frustrated with unknown-known anxieties. A talk with my manager, who has an excellent understanding and capabilities to produce new directions to my stuck thought process which creates difficulties in my own life. Sometime I took breaks from my work to calm down and find new hopes to continue with more energy and dedication.

Apart from work, I met new people from different countries and few of them created special connections in my heart. I could not even realise how the year ran away from May to December and on the last evening of the year I re-travelled through my own story for the year 2017 where I found a lot of reasons to be thankful, a lot of people to show my gratitude. I wish each year my bucket becomes full with good reasons to show the gratitude again and again.


  • New Year celebration at Liberec, Czech Republic.

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  1. That has been a wonderful and yet an action packed roller coaster ride journey of 2017!
    I wish that may you embark on this new journey of 2018 with success being milestones at every mile of the journey. May your plans guide your directions like a compass and may your intense passion be the fuel to complete this new journey of newer accomplishments. Happy new year Sangi!


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