Set The Mind Free and Believe

I always prefer to start any of my articles with a positive sentence even if I may describe some negativity. I have been talking to my unknown-known friends to know more people and their thoughts. This is a small hobby you can say and it really helps me to react with people based on the time place and situation. This is a self-learning method and also I feel this is better than any committed friendship where I become demanding and set expectations for them based on the care and attention I give them. Today I would describe a few type of people and I apologize if I have described any of your bad weak point which you do not want to deal with. But, please be informed, I am not at all guilt. There is no relationship with apology and guilt in this case.

So, from my point of view there are different types of people as mentioned below:

  1. Always try to control someone else and they are almost successful

  2. Always complains about the above since they have been controlled

  3. Always in fear by thinking unpredictable future

  4. Always works on their dream since that is their first priority

All the above types of people are somewhere co-related. Some broke the wall at number 1 and reached number 4, some got bored with number 2 and reached number 4, some people like number 3 and never reach the point 4. They (number 3) take birth, face number 1 point people and learn it well to apply for the next generation and die. In this all types of people one very important thing get lost, that is the will-power of creative mind. Only people who blessed themselves with number 4 point are the successful people you see around, in news, in stories. All the 1, 2,& 3 category people keep watching them and think unknown thoughts which they don’t even aware off.

After reading this much if you have started thinking in which category you fall into, then there is real good news for you after few paragraphs because I want to tell what made me write this article. At this moment I am not in this page because I want to write or I have been inspired by anyone, perhaps I have been disturbed in my mind. Everything running inside my head all at once and I can just express what all they are, not how they are.

I remember one of my friends who is involved with NGO to help disabled children, adoption of babies to provide better future, provide school students better study materials as decided by his group. Initially when he started doing this for his happiness, he was being scolded by his mom on spending money on this type of work.

Another friend who is elder than me and yet to get married because his mom never like any girl who he has chosen. His mom always has issue, she is so much self-centered and dominant that she cannot even understand the feeling of her own son.

Well another friend, she is a teacher and still in control of her father even if it’s a matter of social interaction. She is not allowed to go out with friends, colleagues and she feels she is in a prison in her own house. She is so scared of her father that she cannot even say what she wants to do instead of teaching which she doesn’t like.

Another friend, he was being cheated by a girl he loved. I won’t say he was being cheated exactly, but he did not receive any reason behind her action. But that only action made this guy to feel insecure till date, his confidence level decreased so much which affected his total thought process.

One more, he works to earn money for his family and not allowed to work on his own dream because of his family’s unknown insecurities. And one more, the friend could not start his career immediately after his graduation since his mom decided he can get better opportunities and it is not respectful to join any small jobs like his classmates did. Even he had to take permissions to go out of his house, since he has been always treated as an immature boy.

Last but not the least, I am also a person being controlled by multiple people for a long time when my self-esteem was on challenge. I was so stupid to keep trying and trying to satisfy few never satisfied people.

Did you understand anything important from all the above instances? Let me explain those previous points to make you understand:

Category 1:

There is nothing to feel proud when you control someone even if the control seems to be almost invisible for you, you actually hurt someone’s self-esteem. You do not have any rights to control anyone’s mind by any mean. Even if you think you are doing right, I would say NO, you are wrong. Who has given you the right to control any feeling, any wish, any decision, any small dream? Believe me you are not doing any favor to anyone but yourself to prove your weakness and you will be well treated by the universe on the right time, after all you are also human being and you are not at all strong and successful in your life. Strong and successful people never fall into this category.

Category 2:

Even you, don’t feel proud to be in this category and complain whole life to regret for not achieving the thing you could have. You must start talking to the person who is controlling you. Nothing will happen if you start talking about your dreams. Tell them how suffocating you feel when they controls you, tell them how they are hurting you continuously, let them know that they have created a prison for you and also let them know you would like to solve this issue. Trust me it will work, it has to work if you really have a dream for which you are crazy. What worst will happen? Yeah, you can be beaten, harassed, dominated but still you will make them think of your will-power. At least they will understand that you can take action to stop them.

Category 3:

Hats off to your natural nature for creating an awesome fearful future same as the person who taught you to do so. Why they taught you the fear? Because they are the most unsuccessful people and to be successful they wanted to create a perfect fearful mind. Wow, you made them successful and also do you want to do the same? I would say NO. Believe me each and every individual has to take the risk, and that is destined. If you are scared to go out of your home, trust me one day the house will fall down on your head. You have to work on strengthening your own house, for that you need to go out and learn things. Stop being in fear, you are just getting late by thinking all those uncertain results and also getting close to the end of your life without being creative enough.

Category 4:

After criticizing, explaining if I made any changes to your mind, please work on this category. I believe we all are blessed to be in this category. Break the glass and start doing the things you can do. You have 24 hours each day and if you technically divide the hours and create a routine, you can even do multiple works. Fulfill the basic needs of your life and then work on your dream. If you practice that, one day you will be doing only your dream work and eventually that dream work will fulfil your basic needs and at the same time fulfill your dreams.

The most important thing in your life is to set your mind free in the sky and ask yourself: What you want? Why do you want? How can you make it? Have you started working on it? How will you feel when you have achieved it? How happy will you be at the end? All the questions are valid and so you are. You are the first priority to yourself.

Set The Mind Free


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