Have you got a moment to think on small revolutions which has made our life so much easier and difficult as well. I feel the importance to think those instead of thinking all brain fights you go through whole day-weeks-months and so on.

This morning I was thinking how do I spend the whole day. I get up in the morning, get ready for office and then have a walk till office with a song in my ear and think about whatever comes in spontaneously. I enter to the office and I meet the most important thing my work. When I am in office I think two ways, one is about work and the process another is my spontaneous thoughts. Then I finish my work and have a walk to home and again in my own world. While thinking all this, one thought came in my mind about the invention of the 7 days of week. Immediately I searched few random sentences on that and read. Then started thinking that whoever has invented these days and months and time has made our life so easy. We have come a long way with awesome improved mankind that we can easily schedule a meeting for a future date and time and we know and believe that we are going to attend the meeting. Aren’t we doing Godly things. You say that you don’t know what is in the future but every moment you are creating the future directly and indirectly. Isn’t it true.

My thoughts continue having the morning coffee for 15 minutes and see what all I can think within 15 minutes. With the thought of invention, my mind suddenly caught fire invention. There was a time when all animals and plants were in fear of the fire because of wildfire. But a time came when humanity got the control on this fire and used it for their own benefits. But aren’t we again in a fear of that fire because of its misuses? Whoever invented the process to control the fire, has done a great help to the mankind. But now we see the use of fire worldwide to kill ourselves. That made me feel sad and told myself it was better to be in fear of fire naturally.


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