It started snowing when she got down from the tram at 2:31 am in the night, way too drunk but can walk on her own since she has learnt that she will fall down if she is absent minded for a second and walk out of her mind. She got down from the tram and crossed the road from the front side of the tram before it started. The moment she reached the other side of the street, the lamppost light caught her eyes and the snow started giving her a feeling of dream in this unknown corner of the Universe. She felt little lonely and missed not being with anyone special to look into the eyes. She kept walking very slow to keep the grip and started thinking what just happened today. She felt special for being treated well unexpectedly. She forgot missing anyone and started giving loads of thanks to God for making the night very beautiful and for giving so much of peace to her lonely heart. She kissed the night sky with great pleasure, felt the snow falling on her face and the warmth of the yellow colored sodium vapor lamps on the street.

She reached the apartment in 5-6 minutes but usually it takes 2 minutes. She entered and closed the door, kept the keys at the right place and started feeling the beautiful moment from which she just could not get over. The reason behind this intoxicating dream is obviously a ‘He’. She could not find out the exact reason or the direction he came like a genie and sat beside her and started talking. He asked something which she doesn’t remember, but she replied something too. While replying to the question she looked at his eyes and felt this is the most handsome man she has met this evening and how a man can be so beautiful. She started looking at his eyes, his smile, the way he was speaking and the way his eyes were speaking through his black framed specs with the fluctuating expressions. She looked deep inside his eyes to search for something precious but it seemed it is there in much deeper corner of his eyes. She was amused. With all his curiosity he was asking questions and she was replying. He asked from where she belongs since she doesn’t seems to look-alike them. She replied. Then he asked what she does in the weekend. She replied she stays at home, read, write, listen songs, cook food and eat. He asked how did she got all the spices. She replied. But with his expression it seemed she has explained something very important and he understood. She was falling in love with each second. This never happened with her before. Each second was going in a slow motion and she was amused again and again. She was trying to understand why she is feeling this way, but she could not find. She forgot if she was looking at anything else. But finally it paused, he asked to excuse for a moment. She understood she spoke way too much, so he needs a break. She was happy and pleased to have a nice conversation with the person who never looked at her when she looked at him earlier.

He came back and sat beside her. That was another surprise for the night. She started thinking what is happening with her. It continued. She got her token from her friend to collect her jacket and said a ‘good night adieu’ to her friend since she wanted to go home alone without getting a quick drop in the car. She wanted to feel the night. She loves walking alone feel the chilled breeze. Always she skips going home with anyone else but herself, the street light and her thoughts. She started looking for google maps to reach the tram stop. He and other colleagues were planning to go for another bar. It seemed their party was not yet over. She walked her own way to the washroom and when she came back she found he was waiting for her. She got a doubt if he is really waiting for her, but it was confirmed when he said one of the colleagues that he is going to join them after having a walk with her.

She was surprised, got a quick thought “is this really happening? or is it just a dream?” No, it wasn’t a dream and both started walking. She realised it is supposed to happen at this moment and the Universe is ready to give her the best moment now. The night seemed offering this beautiful moment to her as she is well deserved. After all she has got to talk her dreams, got to laugh at herself when fall down, he helped to make her stood up and offered his arm to hold in that lonely snowy alley with the dreamy yellow street light. She had a walk in this unknown dreamland with a handsome dream-maker. He cannot even imagine how much he has been blessed with her thankful prayer for the moment he presented to her. This happens once in a blue moon. She has written a fairy tale which he will never imagine. She got the tram and whole night her sleep was running around the same fairy tale. She got up in the morning and felt the gratitude for the best gift ever. Immediately she took off her phone and found his phone number from the office directory. She texted:

Hello, this is me, I got your number from the email directory. I hope the message is going to you 🙂

I wanted to Thank you so much for the company, also pardon if I spoke so much stupid stuff.

good day 🙂

She felt peace after sending the thanks message. It was to express she was grateful for each second he spent with her. She preserved the moment which was only for her. Which will never be replaced, it will be always there in that eternal moment for an eternal life with the moon and the sky and obviously with the yellow street lights of that moment. There will be so many untold words, the feelings, but she will never forget to thank the moment.



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