It feels incredible when you understand the pattern of life, the consequences of incidents happening in your life which becomes the answers of all the questions you have been dealing within your subconscious mind. When you are leading your life as simple as it can be or as messed up as it can be, you always have questions. I feel our life is like a jigsaw puzzle with full of questions. We become calm once we get any small answer and we create mess when we have partial answer for those questions. This is self-realization based on my situations and the questions which are always generated from different consequences. I have been messed for a long time and had to struggle to solve the puzzle which has created the mess particularly in my mind.

Once I have been asked by someone who motivates me: “what do you do when are you hungry?”.

He wasn’t expecting my answer, he asked the question with the intension to reply as: when you start feeling the hunger you may ask for some food from someone and that someone delivers the food based on their pace, intention or they refuse to deliver the food to you. When you are really hungry and cannot resist anymore, you get up and get your own food.

When I was told the above I focused only on that topic which was related at that moment. But now I know the same applies for the life and the questions we have in our life. My questions doesn’t let me sleep at night, I get annoyed with them and ask them why are you so difficult to answer? Why don’t you let me sleep at night? Questions never reply me back and I start another day to get ready for another sleepless night.

Finally I have reached the point where I realised the meaning of the question again: “what do you do when you are hungry?”

What I did for the hunger I have? I read books based any type, on any topic and suggested by anyone, meet new people from different age-group, find clues and patterns of my questions and somewhere I am successful too. I am collecting my answers from them by not asking any questions, but based on the discussion on random topic of natural life and real stories of their life. Other’s point of view, my agreement, disagreement and calculations has helped me to reach my answers. I cannot be specific most of the time because I have a broad vision which depends on my own interest. If I focus on any specific dimension, it cages my vision. I struggle again and try to be more specific to give a transparent visibility of my thoughts to others.

So now I must be specific here too to describe my experience nowadays and being a catalyst I would like to generate unique thoughts for others in their mind if they are interested to do so. Each day I do my work completely, I stay awake and aware of those moments. I am clear about my questions of life and I remember those questions always. When I am aware of the moment I am living, it gives me clue of the answers and I reply my own questions. Now I have started to get a strong hold of my own answers, analyze them to get the full answer and I know what could be my next action.

If you are feeling that this article doesn’t make any sense to you, you will be most appreciated to avoid it and forget. Why I said this? I re-read the whole I have written above and found it can be totally meaningless for people and I don’t want to waste anyone’s valuable time with my thoughts and at the same time I would like to let you make aware if you are wasting your time. I think I fulfill my duty here and can continue a little more.

My friend says: I belong from a different dimension of the Universe.

We are like the stars in the sky, not being aware for how long we are surviving with our soul to lighten our Universe. Each individual soul has purpose for their life to serve the Universe. The purpose ends at that point which we call destiny. For incredible souls the distance between the starting point and the destiny is longer than the usual who are counted as average standard soul. The longer the distance is, the higher the purpose of life is. Souls are most likely to choose the difficult ways to reach the destiny like people who climbs the mountains. The more difficult the next step is, the higher you reach and when you look back you see that you have mastered it with excellence. If you need to repeat them again, you feel the flexibility to avoid difficulties you faced at the first time. Then you start towards the higher point and it goes on.

My understanding says that our soul never get satisfied till it reach the extreme end of everything. It learns, masters, applies and creates the incredible just like when you give a real structure of any of the project you work on and then validate it by explaining it to others in the most simplest way that people can understand. This is what exactly I meant by the term “pattern” in our life, the pattern of our daily activities which gives us the answers of our own questions of life.

My friend says that we are the only person who has full control of our brain.

We have to accept it and then it gives the answer correctly. The more you try to find an understanding person which is impossible since scientifically no one has the control over your brain, your mind, your willingness and will power. We just make ourselves fool and search for the most understanding person of our life. Instead if we believe we are the one to understand ourselves and take actions which we want, we are fulfilled. Yes, that’s the answer I was looking for a long time. It makes total sense for me and I have validated it.



  1. মানুষ প্রশ্ন করতে ভুলে গেলে মরে যেত অনেক আগেই, তবুও কেউ কেউ বেঁচে থেকেও প্রশ্ন করেন না,

    Keep writing.

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