His eyes give her the sparkling feelings of sapphire. Yes sapphire, the only appropriate term which can satisfy her desire with fire. The depth of his crystal blue clumsy eyeballs with the magic touch of divine color frequencies satisfy her. She doesn’t know if she can name the exact color of his eyes, most probably she forgot to note that in her mind because of its beauty, but she could remember the deep blue sea which invited her to have a pleasant swim with all the emotional sensations pass through her body. She could feel the red blood cells are playing all over her body underneath the blue veins. She could see the blue sky is meeting with the sea to mix its blue color in the sea. Her neurone redirects her to feel the feeling of being in love with the freezing water within his eyes. The eyes have borders with another deep shade which seems to protect all his feelings inside, the border explains the strongest protection which would save her even if she is lost while exploring her illusionary world beneath the sea of his eyes. No fear so far, only satisfaction.

There is always this extreme feelings which work like catalyst and force her to feel every single moment spent with him again and again. He asked her for lunch and it was so obvious to say a yes since couple of days ago she felt he is nearby again after the party night as described before on the story of “The Girl Preserved the Feelings”. She preserved the feelings safely and nourished it well to get it back at the right place on the right moment. The moment she confirmed him she felt the temptation, nervousness and the surety that he is looking forward to see this extremely unique creature on this Earth. Time 12:30 pm, he stopped by few minutes early as the gentleman do. She wasn’t sure how many minutes early but it was before 12:30pm.

He opened the door with the most hesitant face, a never-done-before expression and entered into the office room, she turned her face towards him and saw his godly eyes connected with her’s, they greeted ‘Hi’ and immediately she took back her eyes to the desktop screen and felt her heart has got a kick to proof it isn’t a dream, it’s real. He started talking with her colleagues, she locked the computer window and went out of the room. While crossing him she left her soul beside him to give him the opportunity to complete his task by offering his arm and ask her shall we?, she would reply yes with a gentle smile and look down with her blushing cheeks. Well, that happened in her day-dream and she was waiting for him at the entrance of cafeteria.

He came with a happy face with unknown mixed expressions and tried to be friendly by showing the new wireless mouse he received, she smiled and hold the door opened for him. They entered to the cafeteria, collected their food and he asked ‘nearby the window?’, she said ‘yes’. He sat based on where he wanted her to sit. He might have decided to see the depth of her eyes on the bright light reflecting through the window directly on her face. She sat facing the window and that’s the favourite direction she has chosen always whenever she got the place near the window. She loves to see the hills, fogs, clouds, snow, sunlight, greens and blues. He made it easy for her actually, she immediately compared the waves of his spirit with the nature and the nature couldn’t defeat him at that moment.

She changed the pattern of her vision and started viewing him in the slowest motion as much as she could. She felt his eyes, his face, movement of his lips, his smile, most suitable spectacle for his face and off-course his beautiful left-hand with the most beautiful nails as if God has created him on vacation with great understanding of beauty to dedicate her as an opportunity to see and feel the way she always wanted. She realised he resembles her father, the most beautiful and surely existing gentleman of her life. She understood that she in being blessed with the power to split each second in another sixty different parts and she could definitely define his beauty for each of those moments.

Her emotions are better to describe as the sea wave which breaks over the corals with sparkling water force and then freezing silence.

The silence felt like the ending of a Sufi-dance with a indescribable satisfaction. They couldn’t speak a single word and felt the beauty of their togetherness with pin-drop-silence. She looked at his face for a moment, felt he is in peace and feeling the happiness of her presence and looked back on her plate with an unknown hesitation. The only line she told him and remembered again-n-again that : ‘ it’s really very hard to find a very good reason to stay in this country’ and his eyes brightened like a sapphire, he smiled and said ‘yes’ and gave the expression that he really understood what can be a very-very good reason for her.

They came out of the canteen, greeted each other and walked on their own way. She did not miss to observe him and found he was walking slowly, smiling a little with unknown pleasure and looking down towards the floor. She felt the most beautiful ending of the moment of their togetherness. All her feelings kept running through the vein, her thirsty heart has already drank a lot of beauty, satisfied herself with peace and she wrote him again:


You look amazing, do you know that? Last time when I saw you, I was drunk. But, I have no doubt today.

Thanks again for the lunch.

Happiness ran through her soul and he disappeared like God.

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