Yes, I would rather say what influences me instead of saying who influences me. From the time I get up in the morning till the time I step out of the house I make sure I have completed my tasks which I decided I would do everyday. I start my day being happy, grateful, inspired and energized to do my work with positivity for each day. That’s my prayer. I know that I am going to office to give 8-9 hours for my skill improvement, to accept new challenges, to find new fun and at the end of the day I must be exhausted being productive for the day and I would know I did my job perfectly. Then I allow myself to go out of the office and start to enter in my personal life and mind. Yes, it takes a little time. Sometimes it takes almost an hour to stop thinking about important works which I am supposed to do next day or did today and move out from that frequency.

Why this is important for me? It is important because I enjoy the feeling of my own existence in my life and office-work related thoughts are not allowed during that time. I enjoy my time always. My belief is, I am the first best person whom I have ever met in my life and with the best person I must enjoy the moment.

Isn’t it wow? Yes, it is wow. I don’t force myself to do it. It happens naturally. I am happy whatever I do, however I do. I fail, I understand, I get to know and stand-up again with a better process.

This is a real challenge right? Yes, it is a challenge and this is the biggest influence of my life. People often tell me that perfect is not possible. But I believe in perfection.

So this is contradictory right? Yes, it is. Since I believe in myself, I had to find an answer to continue believing on perfection.

So what is the definition of Perfection in my life? I asked myself. The answer is:

Perfection is a feeling of extreme satisfaction. The satisfaction which only belongs to me. When I am satisfied I feel the peace inside, I feel happy, I feel to stay in the same state for a while or extended time.

It is exactly like when you do the calculation for Math, you apply all the correct rules in a wrong way so it never let you reach the solution you are looking for. Then you feel the challenge, challenge makes focused, focus makes you dedicated, dedication redirect you to stubbornness and then you start looking on all the steps and search where exactly you did the mistake, you repeat, repeat and repeat and yes you get it. Quickly you proceed with the right way and end. You get the solution you needed. You feel extremely happy, feel the peace because now you are not on that exhausting state of mind. Now you feel Perfect. Now you know what was wrong and also the exact moment you found the solution. That extreme happiness is called as perfect in my point of view and I often find the Perfection in my life, in my work, in my thoughts and in my creativity. I really don’t know what else can be the meaning of Perfect since people often use the term in a negative or positive sentence. I never use any term without knowing the meaning of it.

Then why people do it with the term Perfect? Answer is simple, they just don’t believe it is possible. They are afraid of thinking what happens next when they see the perfect. For them perfect is the extend where they must never reach. Well, that happens really. Wish can be fulfilled only if you do not have any doubt. When you feel you cannot go at the top of the hill, just remember human has gone so far. Human is researching in the Universe as well. They made it happen and that really never depended on people who doesn’t believe in perfection, doesn’t take the challenge as motivation.

What made me write this? I just wanted to explain what Influences me and how the term “Perfection” is so perfect to explain my today’s thought. I believe in making things perfectly within or out of my capabilities. I believe if I know I did the mistake and I find what all were the mistakes which made it call a “mistake”, then make sure next time I don’t apply those points on the same process or on anything similar. I will use something else, that may also call as mistake, but that doesn’t disappoint me at all. I am going to point out those and repeat avoiding and apply new things. This is nothing but Trial and Error method, just like I described on the example of Math, I am sure I will reach the solution.

Inspiration, motivation, getting influenced and being positive are not producible from outside or by anybody else. It’s you who has all of them within, just need the catalysts to find them and apply them for your personal growth and success.

I believe in “take rest” when I am tired, there is NO space for “Give-Up”.

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