Never felt to share any negativity from my end and I don’t know if I could describe this feeling as a negativity. We got this beautiful life to live, learn, fall and stand up again. In between all this events we gain more than we lose. But few are called ‘The Loss’. Sometime it can be a loss of a huge emotion. Sometime it can be a huge emotion with a life loss.

She returned from her husband forever with a huge loss of her emotion, her love but with a new hope holding in her womb, in her heart for becoming a mother again. Yes, it had to be again because she couldn’t learn the reality when she lost her first opportunity to be the mother, she thought it would work the way it always worked in her life when she was in school or college, it always worked in the second time when first time she got less score. She was innocent and believed she will receive all the happiness she deserves.

But I knew it wouldn’t be a smooth way for her, I never wanted her to face the reality so soon, after all nobody wants to see the petals fall down from the bud. I stood beside her to contribute my emotions so that she can again feel she is not alone there.

God has other plans to make things correct. She had to lose another child again and I had to fall apart beside her. I still remember the cry she cried when I returned and I remember how much insecure I was by thinking of going so far from her.

The loss is never count in reality but the loss is never forgotten. A loss can contribute a lot more and when it fills up to the full, it falls apart. Then you see where was the mistake, then you see what shouldn’t have been.

Girls, you believe in love? If yes, find the right person who will value you more than you expected. Find someone who will respect you more than pampering and showing sexual attraction. Find someone who is secure like your father or grandfather or your brother who will protect you, who will protect your emotions. Else you have to find a friend like me who knows when to hold my friend’s hand, who knows how to hold her tight and never let her fall down..

Trust me, very tough to learn from your mistakes and not to cry on the mistakes. Do you think life is easy? Your reply will show you how it is exactly. Your beliefs will show if it is tough or easy, if it is ugly or beautiful.

One suggestion, value yourself more than anyone or anything, that helps to see the respect for you in other’s eyes.

When you value yourself enough, the other person will be careful to hurt you because they will know you are not easy, they will know you are difficult to hurt, they will know you are tough to breakdown and they will know only respect works to melt you.

Don’t be a blind innocent, innocence is in the heart, follow your heart..

This is not a story which I can describe in a proper way leaving my emotions. But this is a life long lesson I have learned about my gut feeling. The gut feeling says and shows all the negatively and positivity. Don’t ignore it ever. Remove the reasons of negativity and be in peace with the positive feelings.

I wish at least one person will understand what I want to say, it can be anybody. I would be grateful to save someone’s feeling.

the loss

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