From the beginning of human transformation the Mother Nature has worked well on us and still working on us that we have transformed as intelligent to find what already exist in the nature. We human claim that we are inventing new things. But we must always admit all the ingredients are extracted from the mother nature. Even if we have created artificial objects, somewhere the concept was taken from nature.

I think about the transformation of human being or any other animal like giraffe. Giraffe has got a long neck because of its survival reason. The same way plants are so different in different places based on the soil, climate. On this planet the human eats different foods in different places, everyone is surviving on their specific places but it would be difficult for human to exchange each others food and survive on their own place. I mean exchange the food but stay at the same place.

My point here is to look at the human transformation from the initial stage till now and think if human has the ability to transform themselves to a different form. You will get a reply as NO. That is impossible to change by human on their own even if few of us thinking of plastic surgery at this point. But really we cannot think of next transformation of us and even if we can think that cannot be transformed with the help of any surgery. I mean really ! I cannot even think if I can change the bone structure and think of getting a different structure. What would be the better structure??!!!

I would give all the credit to the mother nature which is working on us continuously without taking any breaks and we are transforming. The transformation is not only for human, it is applicable for all type of lives exist on this Earth and it’s atmosphere. Everything is transforming accordingly and we all are dependant on each other, on the Nature.

Why all credit goes to Nature? Well, other than human no body shout out and claim ” we have invented” or ” we have created”. There is no denial on the new findings, we just need to admit what we already have from/ within the Nature and also we must know from where we belong and what is our root. I am sure that helps us to keep the nature beautiful and the nature will give us beauty in return. The returned beauty is not only the surroundings but also a beautiful heart out of the violence we have everywhere. Those are not taking us to any better place. We will be on this planet anyway.

We must spend some time to think the right things and act naturally.

human transformation.jpg

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