Today my morning started with simple arithmetic and the point of my thought was about the time when the world did not have any Calendar or Clock to determine time as we do now. It also made me think except from Human no other living beings care about Calendar or Clock and they are really alive and honestly I feel they are happy.

Then my thought came into the point where I realized an English calendar was invented 793 years earlier than a Bengali calendar (the calendar which is followed by Bengali people & I am one of them). Not sure if we were inspired by English calendar and thought to create one of our own but I see the gap of 793 years. Also, in India we have Hindu calendar and so on.

Coming back to the point I want to write about. I was thinking about few sequences of Calendar configurations as below:

  1. Having six months in a year: a month will contain 60 days instead of 30 days

  2. Having six months in a year: a month will contain 30 days and we will be in the year 4036 instead of 2018.

  3. Having a month of 365 days and we will complete a Year in 4380 days.

  4. so many other probabilities 😉

Let’s avoid being so crazy as my points are and focus on point 1 which is: a month will contain 60 days instead of 30 days. What all good things we will enjoy to manage that is the point and we are not compromising our 365 days format.

Benefits can be like this:

  1. We will learn better management of our salary and needs. We will get salary in every 60 days. Even if we get double salary (salary of two months at once) we will learn to manage it better to survive till end of the month and whoever will forget that will learn soon, else they will need to beg. I am sure that fear of begging will help us to save more.
  2. Salary hike will be done in six months instead of twelve and kids will need to study only five months to get into next class and one month vacation which will have 60 days, wow.
  3. We will enjoy remembering the names of only 6 month instead of 12. Honestly it was difficult to remember in the right sequence when I started learning initially. Poor kids, I feel for them.
  4. A month will have two full moon which is really beautiful.
  5. The Day Light saving duration will be less in count of months. I know so many people who doesn’t like it. They will be happy.
  6. We will enjoy the Happy Birthday in each six months.

This all came in my mind at this moment, I will think some more or I may go with the next sequence of enjoyment and will try to be alive for so many years if I follow point 2 or die young if I follow point 3.

Jokes apart: The reality is:

Days, Months, Years, Hour, Minutes, Seconds doesn’t make any difference within us. We make the difference based on our understanding, vision out of the ‘space and time’ condition. We make our life beautiful with mindfulness.

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