What if we are in an illusion that we have a body and that makes us touch each other or touch and feel the Earth? It triggered in my mind that we all are a single spirit of the same source and our perception is so strong that we could give a structure to our spirit which is called body of all living being and store that in something called mind to recognise when we see each other again.

Today I was sitting silently and I was looking at my feet, suddenly I found I cannot see my face if I do not have a mirror. Then I realised we actually cannot see anybody in a whole at once. We see a person from one side and we don’t even think about the other side when are looking at a person or talking to them.

The realisation started extending to what if we see anyone as we want to see them. It totally depends on our perception. Our vision is limited most of the time when it comes to materials interface. We see things in two dimension and we feel it as three-dimensional. This is why humankind has proved human existence and discovered so much which wasn’t possible at the start or it was always possible but the language had to be invented.

Our perception is so strong that we are able to create the non-living things to proof our existence for ages. Have you ever thought why human always left signs behind them for next-next generation? It is only because the spirit always wanted to proof its existence. At this moment we are doing the same for those spirit which will be present after thousands of years.

I believe we exist as powers, we replicate the same as the Sun or the Moon or the Earth itself. If parallel Universe exist, everything must be a replication of our perception. We are experiencing the feeling which called ‘material experience’. We are so much caught up or in love with this belief of materialistic experience that we find new excuse every single moment to keep believing on it. Else we would start thinking why we born or die.

The perception of material experience has to die to continue the investigation of our own real existence.


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