Yes, no regrets for anything. I may have had before but I have no regrets today. To reach this point of understanding I nourished a lot of regrets and watered them with objections. But it had to change, it changed with positivity and not being biased by failure or hopelessness. I am happy that I can say out loud I do not have any regret from the point of understanding. The understanding came when I get to know that I cannot fail in life. How is it possible? It is possible because I couldn’t find a definition of failure. Why? Because the definition I got about failure for whole life has changed for me or I found a new definition.

The objective definition of failure would be: when a moment fails to match our imaginary perfect plan. We stop thinking what we have got, we do not find where we are standing, we focus what we did not get or what could have been better. This big collection of negative process helps us to “sit” on the positive part and pick the small term “failure” in the bag of unhappiness. Isn’t it simple to say failure instead of thinking what went right? After all finding right reasons take time.

I love to collect what all went right and how it is far better than my small head’s plan. Most important thing is I got to understand that life unfolds one way while riding this time machine called Earth. Here we really do not need to think or imagine how could be a time machine or how a time machine could work. It is simple, just believe that you are riding the time machine named “Earth” and you are not the driver. It will unfold each day and give you ride however it wants. Days and times were created by human to create boundaries and think from that small box-head.

I believe life is one and it is happening each moment.

While I do not have any choice to get out of the ride sitting on the Earth, then why should I choose to think what went wrong? I choose to find what all went right and what could have been worst. I find myself always rewarded with more than I planned. Even if in the most difficult situations of my life I could not jump out of the situation to call it as fail. My feet were stuck on my own situation. I could not fail to accept any unexpected route where I knew I can only go towards the destined source and I would never turn back. That is meaningful for me, because nothing really comes back. Not a single second. I can only have new moments coming towards me, the moment I never lived before.

How could I regret when I am surprised to know my life is one and I live once. I am blessed with each second where I have hope to see the same Sun each morning for this whole life, it will never abandon me or my time machine. My past created my present from the time I was in the womb of my mother, not sure if it was even before that.

Past never claims to be present but surely feel proud to be the creator of eternal present.

Regret doesn’t come when I know I don’t have control on anything from my birth till date and throughout my life. I must enjoy each of this moments. If I find something was wrong, then I am living the past and not appreciating the present, and obviously this present will be more wrong when it will be past and there could be a chance to regret.

There was nothing wrong in the past, there is nothing wrong today and never will be.

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