Limitations has limited our life in different ways. We enjoy all the new inventions of mankind and never ever taste the happiness of inventors. But we the non-inventors have invented limitations successfully. Limitations of our thoughts, limitations of our vision, limitations of our imagination. As per the ‘Law of attraction’ we create our reality. Yes, we do.

Today my thought has got an attention of ‘age’. Yes, I have always been so happy to tell my original age and also sometime I thought how long I would love to live. That is crazy, we human even plan for death!!! I thought of being alive till 60 and I had few valid reason influenced by my independent natural behavior. If I die at the age of 60, it would be good for me to handle myself on my own, not disturbing others and also I will be happy enough to live 60 years. Now I am feeling 60 is not enough because I have started living the life meaningfully. Everything I experienced before, seems to be illusion.

Now what could be done with this problem of age? The age came up on the picture because of the calendar system. If it wasn’t there who would have thought how old we are? Everyone of us would have understood we are living a life and it is literally ‘one life’ unfolding like a rolled up mat. I am sure human lived longer when they did not have to count on calendar and age.

Honestly nowadays I have more questions about the calendar, time system. The question is not how it benefits, the question is how it would have been beneficial without being in clock and calendar system. I am sure we would have been more happy, more focussed on learning and inventing. We wouldn’t have judged anybody’s maturity or intelligence based on age. We wouldn’t have that perception at all.

The death must have been unknown for the first humans. If we wouldn’t have a perception of age, we wouldn’t have ever thought of ‘when possibly we could die’. The point is we spend time to think on the topic of death and add some fear as salt to taste that thought process of life and death. But how about the scientists? They are still focussed on the work they are doing, they are little worried what will happen with them, but more focussed what will be the result of their work.

As a conclusion to all the above, I believe if we could count our life as one, we live one life and we can live longer than we have ever imagined. We will then focus on being healthy, being happy to do what we are doing. We will stop running behind everything which will fade away one day and won’t matter at all. We actually run behind things to create the competitive world and there we are always tired of running because we want to do something before we have reached certain age. Does that really required to get what we want? Don’t you think we can get what we want without being in the boundary of age? What’s in the age when we couldn’t learn to be happy with oneself?

Embrace the concept of ‘one life’ and live long.


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