The Door

This is the door of my heart which was slammed on my face whenever I opened it outwards. It was easy for them to close it from outside. Each time I was hurt and broken but I stood up with my loving heart. I had to learn that they were incapable of closing my door … More The Door

You Weren’t Afraid of Working Hard, Then Why Are You Afraid of Being Successful?

It isn’t difficult to work efficiently. You remember that you have been appreciated many times for your performance. You have been rewarded in different ways. And when the final time came in front of you to achieve whatever you have dreamed for, your courage has become like size of your heart. You have to remember … More You Weren’t Afraid of Working Hard, Then Why Are You Afraid of Being Successful?


My belief system is driven by inspiration. My inner voice asks me on every single step if I am inspired enough to go for anything new I am thinking off. I am responsible to response all the questions it asks me. It asks: Are you inspired enough to the go with the decision you have … More Inspiration

Being Mother

Being a mother is as beautiful as you feel to be born to experience the lights of this Earth. And it repeats to experience the feelings again. Our words have created lot of differences. If I had a choice I would have called both the parents as ‘Mother’. For me the definition of a Mother … More Being Mother

What Is Love?

“Love”: it is the most frequently used term and the least it is being understood. Love is a pure transparent feeling for me. The extreme feeling which is like “Amrit”. In India this term is being used to describe the divine syrup of immortality. That sound amazing right? Yes, the feeling of love is that … More What Is Love?


We are transforming from one state to another. It is an unstoppable continuous process. Every single second we are getting modified no matter whatever your mental state is. Believe that everything is happening right at this moment. Listen to your intuitive self more than your rational-self which brings us the conflicts and let our mind … More Transformation