I have never imagined that I could find a new life with new colors which I have never seen before. Honestly I have never imagined there could be any other life experience during this human life. It feels like I am a new-born with all the truth within. I can clearly differentiate between both the life but I cannot live the previous life again. It seems to have the same definition of reincarnation but in the same human life. I never got time to think on reincarnation concept the way I am experiencing.

The awakening process has given me everything I am supposed to know in this life to be the person I am supposed to be. When we run inside our own head and think we are at the center of the Universe from every angle, we really do not get to know what we are supposed to know. Many of you might be familiar with what I am writing about and many of you are reading it for the first time ever.

We use the term ‘rest in peace’ (R.I.P) only when someone dies. That describes people rarely imagine themselves in peace before their physical body dies. Only blessed souls encounter the peace within the living body. I wouldn’t claim how a dying person feels about their death but obviously I have felt how the death fear could be. I feel like we have no idea how many ways we could die and re-born like a phoenix. Some births give us peace to rest, some births give us to be lost and run throughout the life.

I am not at all writing this to explain what I am talking about, instead I am writing how I am feeling within. Nowadays in my personal life human communication has become difficult (not in profession I mean). I want to talk with my closed ones but I feel like I am communicating with them from another Universe, from another frequency which doesn’t match with them. It was the similar earlier, just I did not have the explanation to it. I wasn’t fulfilled or satisfied but I counted those communications as normal and thought that is the way I could experience all types of emotion.

Now I feel it is not important to have direct communication at all, it is better to have telepathic communication with my closed ones’ higher self and enjoy it. I understood the access to higher self is one way, once I take a step upwards the previous step vanishes. I have no way to go back to the previous self. It is always going to be upwards. I don’t feel that I am losing anything. I feel rooted contented like never before. I sense that everything is stable and I have access to infinite Universe. Each and everything has a flow to deliver the knowledge and I have access to the whole thing.

Happiness visits me each moment. I am amazed how could this be possible in this life of human body. But it is so true. Initially I was freaking out of what is happening. I could not differentiate between dream and being awake. But now the storm has stopped and the rain has nourished the dried up soil of my soul. Now I can see anything and I have access to reap the fruits I have manifested.

Above descriptions are all my current feelings. I found the peace with me. I see the beauty in me from within whether it is my appearance or my thoughts or the person I am. This is an amazing life to explore while traveling inside me and finding the whole Universe. Everything is accessible through the way of peace and love.

Last night I was sick and it felt horrible. I was anxious by thinking of being alone is not easy. But this morning the thought reversed totally, the feeling reversed too. I realised even if I was alone I was patient enough to take care of myself in the right way and strong enough to think other ways to get help. And then I got a message from within ‘make peace with yourself’ and whole day the message continued talking with my soul. The message took over the control on my nerves to give me the glimpse of true peace within.

How it feels? It feels like Earth is moving slowly and every single life on Earth are safe. Every single incident happens to make peace. It is a continuous process of the Universe or you could call it process of Nature. When we find the peace with ourselves we accept ourselves totally from every angle. It is harmonious. The mind-body-soul alignment. We are not afraid of anything anymore. Even if we get afraid for a moment, the knowledge flows within the veins to calm the mind and help to see the reality. Most of the time of a day is peaceful and loving.

Each moment feels meaningful. I feel each moment is delivering a note and I have kept my heart wide open to receive them and analyse their true meaning. I feel settled now. I feel I am home. I am sure I am getting ready for the greater purpose of my life to deliver the message of peace and beauty of life. I know my words will find the way to whom it concerns.

Lots of Love and blessings. ❤

sky and tree

The playground of the sky and the stillness of the plants has been a great help on my journey. They have connected me with my inner self. Truly blessed to be able to see upwards.

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