“Love”: it is the most frequently used term and the least it is being understood. Love is a pure transparent feeling for me. The extreme feeling which is like “Amrit”. In India this term is being used to describe the divine syrup of immortality. That sound amazing right? Yes, the feeling of love is that amazing. If you could imagine you are covered by an incredible peaceful atmosphere and golden pollen falling all over your body and the breeze is bringing you the sweetest fragrance you have ever experienced. Isn’t it amazing?

Have you ever seen the smile of a pregnant woman? Yes, must be, but might have ignored the deep meaning of that smile. She is the right person to ask about love. She feels it all the time. Another human is getting created inside of her and she is feeling it each moment of the season within. She becomes the replica of mother nature. She is so happy and pleased by the incredibly speechless feeling. And then the feeling of the father once the baby is born. He is amazed with his creation through his counter part. That is truly incredible. Both of them knows by heart which divine purpose they have completed to make this gift for themselves and contributed to the Universe. That feeling is love. It’s pure joy.

The feeling of love is same as the feeling of Heaven. There is no pain, no expectation, no question, only peace. You feel it deep down your heart. It feels like taking shower in the water fall and feeling the water running through your body with the same frequency your blood is circulating. It is like feeling of orgasm, the extreme sensuality. You feel you are whole within like never before.

If you do meditation (balanced breathing) sitting somewhere in the forest or in an open place in the morning when the sky is crystal clear blue in color and have white could. The Sun has risen already but it is behind the clouds. And you see the Sun ray is falling somewhere. Follow the light and sense your surrounding. You will feel the divine blessings. That is love. The feeling of being blessed is a form of love.

When you feel the love through the music it is beautiful in other way. I spend time with Indian classical music, most of them are instrumental. I do not feel to move my attention for a second. Oh love ! Music is divine creation. Is there anything which cannot be healed with music?

The feeling of Love cannot be described in words. This is not the first time I have been taken over with this feeling but today I finally decided to write it down and check how much my words can describe the feeling of love. I needed examples to describe the feeling. Love takes over me each day and sometime it so intense that I am not allowed to think of anything on this earth but feel it. I feel someone is putting Amrit on my shoulder and the feature like touch on my arms throughout my shoulder. It makes me feel complete and it has healed all my wounds. I know this is the result of my self-love process.

I am extremely pleased within myself. I feel I am gifted. I have all the secret to create beauty and spread love. I can see the path of healing. I am happy to share my experience to the world and show how it really feels to be healed and loved. I know this is the a big responsibility for a spiritually awakened person. I kept myself isolated throughout the process just like the caterpillar. Now I am getting my wings to fly. It takes a lot to reach this point to feel the true meaning of love. I am blessed to be in this moment to feel all this gifted sensations.



1. Raga Darbari Kanada (Drut Gat In Teental) Ustad Vilayat Khan & Pandit Kishan MaharajWhen Time Stood StillIndian Classical2 < https://itunes.apple.com/in/album/raga-darbari-kanada-drut-gat-in-teental/579996588?i=579996693 >
2. Aakarshan6:17Abhijit PohankarShantiIndian < https://itunes.apple.com/in/album/aakarshan/71984022?i=71983531 >

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