Being a mother is as beautiful as you feel to be born to experience the lights of this Earth. And it repeats to experience the feelings again. Our words have created lot of differences. If I had a choice I would have called both the parents as ‘Mother’. For me the definition of a Mother is the person who is blessed to contribute another human creature on this Earth to the Universe. This is true and no one can deny the fact that a mother and a father both have equal rights to say that they both are the creators of their child. Then why don’t we call both of them as Maa?

I am self-centered and introvert in a very thoughtful way. I think all of this. Recently I have been dreaming of being a mother. Not sure from where exactly it is coming but I understood I have to learn something from this. I thought of marriage and family but never in a strong way. Most of the time my career-passion and my privacy came in between. I was always afraid of losing everything I have today. There was the problem, I was more focused to identify what all I will lose. But why did I think of losing? Is there anything to lose in our life? The thing we call ‘I lost it‘, is it really a loss or is it another way to get the things we did not expect?

Yes, it is the other way to get the unexpected. But we surely get something. Acceptance can make it really easier. Parenting is one of the biggest ground to apply the acceptance power. The man becomes worried of the unknown. He thinks yes I understand I am married and I am with another person who can take care of herself. But what will happen when she is pregnant, will I be able to take care of her correctly, will it be so difficult to manage everything in the future, am I really ready with everything? He just freaks out with all the thoughts when it is for the first time.

On the other side the lady is afraid of the feeling how would it be day by day, will the child be healthy? will I be able to take care of everything? am I ready for anything comes up after the child is born? So basically she is as afraid as the man. But this fears go away when both of them accept the situation and look at the beautiful parts of it. They feel safe that they have two brains to decide the right things and stand beside each other strongly and believe ‘yes, we can do it‘. That acceptance power makes everything okay.

In parenting or our biological system allows the female to carry the baby. This is the most difficult job any human could do for themselves. Being a woman I thought a lot on this. Now I feel what could be a greater job to bring a child on this Earth, take care of the child and take responsibility to give a beautiful environment. The job which helps me to earn money cannot ever give the feeling of being a parent or Mother. A temporary shift is always needed to experience the beauty of life. But we must experience the feeling of being ‘Mother’, the greatest of all kind of job. Again, do not consider ‘Mother’ as the female, count it as the ‘Feminine’ energy which is a part of both male and female. The feminine energy which brings us the touch of love and peace we need to be happy in life.


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