My belief system is driven by inspiration. My inner voice asks me on every single step if I am inspired enough to go for anything new I am thinking off. I am responsible to response all the questions it asks me.

It asks:

Are you inspired enough to the go with the decision you have taken just now?

Are you inspired enough with the future you see?

Are you inspired enough to continue with the path which lacks inspiration already?

Have you find the correct source of your inspiration?

When all the above questions have the same answers as “No”, that is not the destination I should ever desire or decide. I would rather wait for the moment when an auto generated decision comes from the Universe.

My belief system is controlled by ‘self-inspiration’ and it is way too powerful that it could rarely count any outside source as an inspiration. The outside source must be powerful enough to influence me.

Where there is no inspiration, there is no happiness. The absence of happiness leads to regret the decision. My belief system doesn’t allow me to regret.


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