It isn’t difficult to work efficiently. You remember that you have been appreciated many times for your performance. You have been rewarded in different ways. And when the final time came in front of you to achieve whatever you have dreamed for, your courage has become like size of your heart. You have to remember your courage has to be the size of your shadow. That big shadow when the Sun rises in the East.

Self-image plays a vital role on achieving what you dream. When you know it well that you can learn anything, you can take any responsibility given to you and also you are fast enough to be excellent with deadlines assigned to you. Those capabilities describes that you are capable to handle any kind of title. Title is not heavy, your vision towards your self-image makes it heavy.

Always remember people are aware of your potential more than you do. It’s better for you to know yourself better than others. Else all the opportunities will be unrecognized by you even if they re just in front of you. You will think of what other people will think about your big-expectation and the moment you think of others, you proved to forget your capabilities. Other people do not think much about you, it is you who think about your self-image through the excuse of ‘self-image’.

When you have understood the above, your courage will grow and you will understand, there is nothing to lose in this life but there is a lot you can get when you ask. If you do not get 100% of it, you will at least get 50% of it. Either ways you will get something. You are a winner and you will win definitely. You want to achieve our dream not because of fame but because you could the best in service.

Have faith on yourself learn to catch the clues of hope. Be courageous and know the best use of your words. Never make any definite statement of your desire. A definite statement will limit the chances of big opportunities. Make your words intellectual. It will create a huge space for the opportunities to come in your life. Your root is strong enough to make you stand with the opportunities and you will never fall apart.


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