At this moment of my life I am in love with the term ‘solitude’. It’s better to use solitude instead of loneliness. Loneliness sounds very lonely and it includes some sadness in it. But solitude finds different meanings. One of the synonyms of solitude is ‘solitariness‘ which actually says ‘being alone’ or ‘by myself‘. Human freaks out to be alone, I did that too for few months. But it introduced me to the realisation that, it was the same state in the womb of my mother.

It’s always a new beginning whenever you find yourself alone just the way we were alone inside the womb before our birth being busy in the process of our own creation and give signals to our mother accordingly to proof everything is going right inside, ‘don’t worry you are keeping me safe’. And then there is that moment when we come out from that state of solitude to experience our own consciousness on this human world. Yes, we are consciousness and somewhere while growing up as a human being we simply forget what we exactly are and begin to think we are conscious creatures. We start filling-up every single emptiness combining with other consciousness. Question is: does it really fill the emptiness fully?

Make it simple please: this is what you might be saying inside your head. Or might be: what is going on in her head? My head is totally filled with the benefits of the term ‘solitude’. I have been practicing the undo button on my own life. I read somewhere about the science of unlearning, scientists are researching on it and finding methods to do the unlearning. I am just undoing things I learned in the first half of my life. Since the second half has begun, in the beginning of this half I have started with undoing whatever doesn’t serve me anymore. It’s everything which doesn’t add any meaning anymore. It has increased my ability to understand things in the right way and helped to mark my stupid mistakes which I did for no good reason.

I found the new beginning after being left alone by fate or better I would say by choice. Being alone has triggered the biggest question in my mind: Is it really important to be with people? What exactly happening now when I am really alone? 90% of the time my experience with people are like: What did you do in the weekend? What plans do you have in the weekend? What did you eat? When do you plan to take vacation? Have you travelled? Did you make friends? I have done this, I have been there, what did you do? Are you seeing anyone? When you are getting married? ——

None of those are bad, it just doesn’t imply the meaning of life in my eyes. My life is not only eating, drinking, travelling, making friends and live only in the weekends. My life is living every moment as per my own choice. Living with the feeling of happiness, excitement, nervousness, all of them. I live each moment to remind myself that I am still alive in this human body. And I make sure I would never need to plan to be alive by following so-called normal social human protocols. I am willing to discuss how I feel not what I do to survive. I would like to talk hours about how I look at the stars and the moon and the sky, how it excites me. I would share everything what I have in my mind. But if anybody comes out of their general behaviours then it would be possible to share mine and get to know theirs.

Real meaning of being with someone doesn’t imply the fear of being alone, it demands sharing the meaning of life with each other.

My experiences have forced me to accept that I cannot be like everyone around me and made me to start disconnecting myself from others. The more I have disconnected the more I found myself. Finding solitude has opened a new window for me to the new understanding of life where meanings are more important than the human company. Understanding fulfills the emptiness which I never found being with ‘people’. There is lot more to the life to enjoy. If we keep ourselves satisfied with material experiences, we will never be able to understand the real game of our life. Eventually everyone will have to exit this human consciousness. It’s always better to understand how that works. To understand anything Metaphysical we have to isolate ourselves from the things which closes the door to the new beginning.

The reflection finds Universe

The reflection finds the Universe

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