The summation of the Universe is constant, same applies in our lives. It’s not possible to have everything all together. The the process of balancing frequency is not an easy task to do without being imperfect. The awakened soul encounters a sudden upgrade of the frequency. The understanding of the Universe changes like magic. Actually the talk of the Universe comes into the picture once the soul encounter happens. Although the awakening journey is the most beautiful experience a living human body could ever imagine, it’s difficult to match with the new world of understanding.

The awakening process starts way before the mind actually realise something has changed. Usually a catalyst helps to identify the change and adds a label as awakened. The catalyst moment is the moment the soul knows there is no way back and it is best to go forward. Balancing the frequency becomes one of the biggest challenges in the process but eventually an awakened soul learns to be stable. Process may follow two or three steps to find the way and be stable with the vibrational match.

Here is my experience and understanding : the preparation started with small steps and during this time I faced issues with others thought process, insensitivity, vision. Who are those others? They are the ones I met throughout my life even after the awakening process started. Because of the mismatch of the choices I decided to be alone, depressed thinking that ‘why people don’t understand me?’, ‘why people are so insensitive?’. Fact is that I was the one who wasn’t understanding it. Everyone else were totally fine and right just the way they are.

It was me who was transforming inside out.

I would describe the process in three steps to make it more clear to understand:

  • There is always lot of holding back because of the empathetic nature, but at some point the awakened soul understands it’s not possible to have a grip on old and new frequency at the same time. Radio, TV channels confirm that it is impossible to tune into two different frequencies at the same time. The same applies for awakened soul. 

 I started dwelling in my mind to keep the existing people and also connect with new frequency. That was impossible. I wanted to keep old connections just because of the comfort I already had or I kept thinking that I am going to hurt them if I disconnect the communication and that was the biggest trouble I created for my inner world. I failed to connect with new frequency and even the old frequency didn’t serve me. The continuous trial and error method to make the balance brought me in a point when I decided to open my fist and let go. I could no longer hold on to the old frequency. I had to step forward else it was a delay after knowing.

  • The period of stability comes after letting go. Here the soul rests and learns to be wise. Knows its true nature, knows the Universe and its processes more clearly. Now the soul has time to know all this because it has disconnected the responsibilities to think about the old frequency and connections.

Now I know everything and everyone will be fine. It was only I who struggled thinking of how to keep everything all together. I know that there is nothing more or less, it is balanced and constant. In this stage I got the clarity of next step. In this step I understood clearly what is not my frequency and I can recognize familiar frequency instantly. The balance came to deal with non-frequency without being impacted. 

  • Here the soul discovers the nature is in the same frequency. The frequency of wholeness and peace. The soul even recognizes the same frequency soul groups. This is the best step. 

I became happier than never before and in peace with myself. I feel the wholeness in my life. I am stable, calm and observer of this Universe. This is the true natural state of being based on which the whole Universe exists without conflicts, moves with grace to hold us on this beautiful planet to experience human life being activated spiritually.

Universe from the Planet Earth

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