There would be a moment when we all want to confess something. Today I want to confess few things in points. This confession would describe what I am trying to do through bogging. Points would be good right ?!! 

  • I write when my mind talks a lot and it’s impossible to keep all of them inside. Without putting it out I feel restless. Instead of wasting others time who are in different mental state and also not willing to listen to my madness, I chose to write and feel happy even if one person reads it to spend time.
  • Writing the thoughts bring me clarity of my own idea. Inside the head it is not clear enough. It has to come out to become complete.
  • I am a creator of all my thoughts and I express them too. I feel proud when I express with words. Many of the reader told me that they also thought of similar things but never felt this could be written and written beautifully. This makes me feel more proud as if I am writing on behalf of all of their thoughts.
  • I do share personal situation to express my content but that is not me in a whole. And really why would I do that, there should be some privacy right! In case anyone wants to know me will know me in person. Else enjoy the reading.
  • I am practicing writing to improve. My process to master anything by practicing it again and again until I become a master. I am continuously building my skills for the future. 
  • I love to give exercise to my brain. It must work all the time even if I am sleeping. Writing helped me to think of good things instead of playing same old experiences like cassette playing in old tape. I am the ruler of my brain not otherwise.



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