All started from the time encountered adolescence period and introduced to the hormone based society where getting a significant other half seemed to be the life purpose. Finding a life partner had always different compromising criteria and try hard to match myself with others, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to settled in life. That is what we are being injected from childhood. Even if I tried my best it never felt right. I had to understand that humans are not development tool to set up the way I want. It has inbuilt nature just like I have. If I am sensitive that doesn’t allow me to demand someone else needs to be sensitive.

I was hopeless to find anyone who will fit with me. I was tired of doing this finding job in wrong places. I accepted my limitations and then I was about to turn 31 when picture started to get clearer. I understood the incompleteness was within me not outside that someone would come and complete it. It was always me who could complete myself.

I walked on the process of self-love which must go on for whole life. Now I am not in a hurry to find my partner instead I believe the right one will find his way to reach me. If he is not there in the physical body, I know he is supporting me all the time on the way to build myself. I would be proud enough when I will know that all the work I am supposed to complete has been done perfectly in this life time.

My physical body is not only mean to find a man and make love. I have a lot other responsibilities to contribute to the Universe. Love between two different individual in physical body has very little to do in our journey. We get partner for life to complete some difficult tasks which are not possible to complete with one brain and one body. It has limitations to see everything in a certain time frame. So we need two brains and two bodies together to complete the expectations Universe has set for us.

Being practical and spiritual we cannot waste our time on finding love for years where we are supposed to Love ourselves. We are single until we need to be together. When we are one unit as one person, we have to complete all the provided spiritual tasks to get into a level where one unit would need two person and then it could become three-four person as one unit. That is called family. That is how cell division looks like, that is how the solar system appears. Our mind must be wide open to understand the whole process of the Universe and find out how we all are the part of the universal system.

Closed minds will never find the similarities because of their self-centered nature. They are on the path of disconnection process which brings only unhappiness and restlessness. I was on the same path but everything has an end point. I reached that point when everything I was going through felt so stupid and dramatic, I felt I have already wasted so much of time which did not benefit me and then I broke all the patterns as if I broke the house of cards to build it correctly. I was always independent but it wasn’t true completely. I was independent in front of the self-centered social world. Once I broke all the usual social pattern I felt I have become truly independent.

Now the path is clear and I know I had to experience everything I experienced to reach this point where I could write and share my contribution to the Universe being on this Earth. I am on the journey to complete sole soul purpose. Now everything feels complete, everything feels right.

My writings will find the way to reach the ones looking for it. That is how I get into the awakening process of life.

star wanders.jpg

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