The Beautiful Story

One day we will tell our beautiful love story with our children, grandchildren that how we have connected with each other without using the easy ways of communication even though we have all the facilities. They will be amazed to see the bonding we share where the world is a mess to manage love relationship. … More The Beautiful Story

Restless Nature

Science Says: Earth formed around 4.54 billion years ago. One billion in figures is a one followed by NINE zeros. Life began to appear around 3.5 billion years ago. Dinosaurs first appeared on Earth between 243 and 231 million. years ago. They were on Earth for 177,000,000 years. And Human? 200,000 years ago. What do I … More Restless Nature

Oh Love!

Single glance of your eyes is enough for my soul to dance on the Earth and fly in the Sky at the same time. I am unstoppable. The smile on my chin is not ready to fade. The spark in my eyes is stubborn like never before. My blushing face would confuse others. I have … More Oh Love!

To Wait

I would wait for you to come in my life at the right time. Here ‘you’ is everything I deserve. I have plenty of time to wait, because I know what exactly  need to fulfill my life in every way. I will never have any regret to wait but, will die each day if I … More To Wait