The Lost Minds..

The lost minds who are continuously planning to fill the empty space in their head with anything from outside world. They are afraid to sit with themselves to check on the knowledge they are consuming. They lead their life with the process of ‘Outside-in’ instead of “Inside out”. There is nothing wrong with being knowledgeable, … More The Lost Minds..


Who you really are? Is it possible to describe yourself by describing what you like or dislike? or is it possible to describe yourself by using different kind of words which says only about your objective appearance? If you have the sense of your existence, deep down in your heart you know you cannot be … More Thyself

Energy: Recognizing is not Absorbing

A realization came through this morning that we do not absorb other’s energy, instead we recognize other’s energy and try to match the energy we are surrounded by. A high vibrational energy is master in recognizing other frequencies. When a lower frequency comes nearby it automatically knows that lower vibration. That recognition stores in the … More Energy: Recognizing is not Absorbing

What if Death is the Shift of Consciousness ?!

Somewhere I feel there is no death or birth at all, it’s all about consciousness. When thought becomes thinker, birth happens. I also found shared thoughts as: the meaning of birth and death are same. As if you are moving from one cloth to another or, one room to another to experience different lives. Obviously … More What if Death is the Shift of Consciousness ?!

Love is You..

Yes, you are that love I have searched from within. We all search for it but rarely find. It’s a blessing that the portal has opened for me to have understanding of the love I was looking for. The love we all are looking outside is not out there, it’s within each of us. But … More Love is You..

You Don’t..

I was thinking about simple stuffs in our life which we shouldn’t do at all. When we don’t do those it actually makes us to respect ourselves more. May be a lot of you already do, but I had to learn, test and validate.. Point Number 1: When it comes to your family, listen to … More You Don’t..