I say it always home is where I live. Home is the feeling of security. Having own house and witness the process of making it, is a huge achievement. Our emotions, our values, our dreams everything we plan to store in the home we make. The home even share the bonding between the life partners. But, it would be beautiful and more meaningful when the children get to see the home making process. They must be at an age to at least remember the changes in their life. It would add meaning to their future life as they are grown up. They would know how much effort their parents had put together to make the home and how it was built.

They will then understand that the home was not made magically before their birth or they wouldn’t be in an imagination that everyone get to born in a beautiful home. We have to make it on our own. Children learns from their parents and if it is a good way, they usually follow. It’s always better to choose indirect ways of telling the importance of leading life gracefully. The process would keep us together.

Now when I look back, I understand how much I am inspired by my parents. May be I did not understand their struggles when I was at the age of five, but I do remember how we moved from the small hut to a house with my little brother who was then only six months. My father couldn’t afford everything at once to make the house we have today. My brother and I both got to witness how our parents got it done slowly for years. Now that we have grown up enough, we salute what they did for us. Not only making home, they had to give us the right education, right life path although they did not know how well we would be grown at the end.

They did make the home as home and they are successful. I would walk the same way. There is no pride if I get married to a man who has everything already and I would never get the opportunity to be a part of the process with our children. Dreams should not be dreamed only, you must witness it to happen, that would bring the true meaning of home. That process will give the spirit to have the strong bond between husband-wife and life would run beautifully.


sun about to rise

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