We all (a huge part of population) shout out loud when we take any small responsibilities and in addition we do shout out louder as well to make sure everyone knows who is not taking the responsibilities. It is more important to show who did not and less important who did and why. Yes, right, it is funny. Nobody is doing anything brilliant or any favor if they are yet to understand the basic responsibilities I am going to mention here. Enjoy the reading 🙂

First of all and most important responsibility out of all is to take responsibility of your own happiness. Happiness doesn’t depend on give and take theory that ‘you have to make me happy so that I can makeyou happy’. What are you going to do in that theory? Are you going to learn the how exactly another person going to make you happy? It would be better first you learn how to be happy, else none would be able to make you happy with anything as you know an illiterate person may be able to speak fluently but cannot read. The same applies for happiness. If you don’t know how to be happy, how anybody on this Earth is going to make you happy?

Second point: Stop playing victim as you say ‘ I was supposed to be happy but my family, friends, colleagues made my life miserable’. Knock knock.. and what are you doing? Are you doing research how they aremaking your life miserable? What did you do to make your life better? If you really want to lead a healthy life, first take some action on it, else you will shortly get an award for being Victim and blaming everyone else on this Earth and even sometime out side of the Earth someone called God, you don’t even leave the opportunity to blame him even if you never actually felt what exactly he is.

My third point would be, take responsibility to know yourself. Know what you love to eat, know what state of mind makes you calm, make sure you know what exactly you want. Else what happens you know? Yes, you know but not yet recognised. I will tell you. If you don’t know yourself, if you don’t know what you want from your life, if you don’t know what would your whole life look like, you will simply attract those people in your life who doesn’t know themselves either and you all will live life messing ever after. You like the messy crowd after all.

Fourth point, respect yourself, I mean to say respect your behaviour when you are in public as well as alone or with family and friends. Why do you need to have a check on your behaviour when you are alone? After all no one knows what are you doing alone. The thing is it needs a lot of practice (so now you know you are capable of doing different difficult things too) to behave different ways in different situation and it is a lot more easier if your behaviour is same in & out. It would let you respect yourself from within. So next time when you shout on your family member, keep a check on it. It’s your responsibility to correct yourself when you are with family. No one like to be treated bad even if they are your family. They just haven’t got any choice to throw you out as it would happen in your office.

Fifth point: Speak the truth to yourself. Think on your action you are taking. Make sure you are awake and present enough when making the decision. Do not give yourself an opportunity to demotivate yourself for a bad choice (you are allowed to do mistakes and correct it as well, I am not asking to be so hard on yourself) . It’s all about choices. You make it and no-one should ever do on behalf of you. It’s solely your responsibility. If you are not sure, wait for it. Flowers never blossom whole year. There are times plants wait too. This waiting is called patience and it eventually brings good results.

Sixth point, now that you know all the above, make sure you adore your loved one’s presence in your life. I am sure you will be able to love them as you do for yourself. Whatever you do for others do itfor your happiness not because anyone demanded. You will truly find the happiness for doing it. And if you meet anyone who doesn’t take all the above responsibilities for themselves, tell them about this points and try to make them understand once.

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trees are the best teacher

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