I was thinking about simple stuffs in our life which we shouldn’t do at all. When we don’t do those it actually makes us to respect ourselves more. May be a lot of you already do, but I had to learn, test and validate..

Point Number 1:

When it comes to your family, listen to them but do not let them decide. Listening shows how much you value them and their suggestions, but letting them take your decisions when you did not ask for is going to create conflicts on your plans. So the point is to remember that suggestion doesn’t imply decision.

Point Number 2:

Even if it is your closest friends, do not help them when they didn’t ask for it. If you continuously help them without them asking you, what you are doing is, you are thinking for them on behalf of them, counting that you are responsible for their life and they are enjoying the comfort. Another thing you must know when they are not asking you is believe they will take care of themselves at their level and if needed, they will ask you. This would make them add some thankfulness in their life.

Point Number 3:

Do not assume the feelings of others, most of the time they enjoy your assumptions as you put them in a position based on your emotional state. They keep silent because they don’t want to break the emotions you have created about them mirroring your own nature. Let them speak their feelings else know there is no emotions at all.

Point Number 4:

If you like someone, definitely let them know based on your wish but, never ask the question if they like you back. You don’t do it. It’s a choice who would like whom. Liking doesn’t count as ‘give and take’. It’s a free will. You are not supposed to demand someone to like you. This is in a way self-respect and not chasing anyone.

Point Number 5:

You do not downgrade your own image in front of yourself. I mean you must keep a check on those moments when you suddenly feel you are not worthy or you are not good enough. Those moments will allow you to note down what you are lacking. Work on it and next time you won’t feel the same shame. You change your image. It’s the reflection of your inner-self and doesn’t get influenced by outsiders. You just find an excuse to blame outsiders.

Point Number 6:

You are not supposed to be scared with your company. You are the person who knows you the best, you are the person who speaks with you the most, inside your head. Do spend time with yourself and make peace with yourself. You are yours before everything else. You don’t avoid your true presence.


Life in between earth and sky

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