Yes, you are that love I have searched from within. We all search for it but rarely find. It’s a blessing that the portal has opened for me to have understanding of the love I was looking for. The love we all are looking outside is not out there, it’s within each of us. But why do we think it’s outside? Why do we wait for someone to feel the love? Why do we give the credit of our own power of love to others? It’s all because of our wrong perception.

Let’s know a little how the love comes to an existence and where it actually exists. Love is a feelings produced by hormones as Testosterone, Estrogen, Oxytocin, Vasopressin, Adrenaline, Dopamine, and Serotonin (I think many more would be there, I don’t know all of them). I am sure we all are aware how our brain is an incredible chemistry lab. How it plays with all of those hormones to produce all type of emotions. We worship our emotions unknowingly. Without emotions can we live?

It’s an inside work and it’s working all the time. Problem is we are too much caught up to look inside and explore ourselves. When you look inside you will understand how big the garden is inside you where the hormones are playing Holi (the play with colors, festival in India) to entertain you each day. You get angry, you laugh, you become sad, you feel lost. It’s all about that play in someway. Our eyes and our brain are the two most important player organs of this play.

Coming back to Love, it says Love is greater of all, it is greater than any other emotions. But I think we human depend too much on another human to enjoy this great emotion. We are so much focused outside that we give the credit to others to feel loved or to be in love. Love sequences for couples nowadays (a play of a boy and a girl, normally doesn’t belong from existing family) : a girl/ boy feels the attraction which activates the hormone secretion, they enjoy it being present with each other and when the situation becomes physical absence the hormones still works but not the way when they were physically together. Their absence in each others life will let them behave like a drug addict. That incredible feeling is irresistible that they would feel sad, anxious, angry in the absence of the feeling. Which would make them tell Love is painful. Is it really?

Now that we know a little bit of biological science, how about if you are able to produce those hormones in your brain without depending on that boy or girl? First you would need to open all the portals of understanding and leave the illusion that Love has to depend on someone else. Look inside (inside what you feel) you are the one who is the owner of your own feelings. If you love nature, love any specific type of music or, love to play music as an addiction, it produces those hormones and you would definitely feel incredible.

Love should not be mixed with sexual desire. Sexual desire produces hormones, you feel it, you need it. But why that has to be Love? When you understand this by heart, I am sure it would never break your so-called “heart” ( expectation break). You have to accept it’s all about you and your feelings. It nowhere depends on anyone else. Take control over your feelings, play the colors inside your brain. No body else could bring you the love until you know the source of it. If you feel having sex is making love, know this also: it would soon go away because the same catalyst cannot produce too much of same hormones to entertain you. The more you know a person, the less the hormone get produced. So there must be something extra in Love right?

I must make a summary of what I wrote, seems I told so much. The point is, you are the King or the Queen of your own feeling. Do not wait for some outsider to whom you would want give the credit. It’s you who feels it, all credit goes to you only. If you are able to feel the Love within you, you are blessed. There are many out there who doesn’t even know how to love and you cannot teach them love. They might be having issue to produce right hormones or missing the right person.

Love is you, yes it is you with all the sense. When you know it, understand it, feel it, you know whom the credit goes. If you know how to love, make sure you are the winner. Hope you enjoyed this personal letter. It wasn’t an open letter to anyone else but you. ❤




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