Somewhere I feel there is no death or birth at all, it’s all about consciousness. When thought becomes thinker, birth happens. I also found shared thoughts as: the meaning of birth and death are same. As if you are moving from one cloth to another or, one room to another to experience different lives. Obviously I believe in reincarnation or re-birth and this are my thoughts and not trying to establish anything.

While thinking on death and birth, I focused on the death. What is it? Scientifically a death happens when the body stops working as if someone shut down the machine named ‘body’. Then what happens? It is told that the soul becomes free from the body. But what does it take to free the soul from the body? Do we human need to learn the process of leaving the body at some point of time? I get this questions when I see very old people. I feel they are yet to learn how to leave the body. This thought comes even more often when I find people who are sick for a long time, suffering. They want to die but unable to do anything. That means there must be a process to learn to leave the body, to free the soul.

And suddenly this thought takes over my mind when I got to know we itself are consciousness instead of having it separately. If we are consciousness, the death is possible by shifting the consciousness from the biological body. If that is true, it must be possible to move out of the body and re-enter anytime. The practice must be including deep knowledge about how we as consciousness are operating.



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