A realization came through this morning that we do not absorb other’s energy, instead we recognize other’s energy and try to match the energy we are surrounded by. A high vibrational energy is master in recognizing other frequencies. When a lower frequency comes nearby it automatically knows that lower vibration. That recognition stores in the mind because of the unconsciousness of that moment.

As our mind is a very important tool to let us live the life, the recognition of lower frequency helps the mind to take over us and it starts behaving differently. That is when a fight begins within where the existing high vibrational energy don’t want to lose the current state and the mind is drawn to the lower frequency because of unconsciousness. It almost follows the nature of water. Two different levels of water would always try to balance the level to one. The higher level of water would flow towards the lower level of water and it would reduce its own level to increase the lower level. It stops the process only when both the side of the water level is same.

The same happens with human energy unconsciously. The recognition of energy helps the mind to grab that. A lower vibrational energy would rarely recognize the hight vibration as the mind is their boss. I call it junk-mind or lost-mind which is very strong and the house of unconsciousness. It keeps a person in illusion and takes over the control on the whole human being to make it a slave. It has the capability to play all old recorded incidents/ memories all the time, most of the time negative incident, picking anything on its own without the permission of the human. Ego mind is a slave of this lower unconscious energy mind. All together the soul body forgets that the mind is only a tool.

As you can see how strong our mind is, the recognition of lower energy can let a higher vibrational energy to make a move towards unconsciousness and then we call it we are absorbing others energy without our concern. But actually we have created this concept of absorption in our mind unconsciously. It would really take time to release those energy when the state of environment has changed, in the sense when the higher vibrational energy is no longer surrounded by the lower vibrational energy, immediately the higher vibrational self has to recognize it (as soon as it is possible, it could be possible anywhere) and convince the mind that:

the energy I have recognized is being transformed to the concept of absorption in my mind and it is created by me, but that is not my true state. Let’s get back to my true self and release the state of low vibration.

Conscious self always contains higher vibration and it would never take much time to release any false lower energy to be in the body. It’s consciousness would be happy to be in the original frequency.

The higher the consciousness is the higher it would grow.

Meditation could be a real help or listening to high vibrational chanting are really helpful. But above all I would add the credit to the strength of higher consciousness. It knows the mind is a tool to operate the body and do daily activities. Afterall this higher consciousness would always choose to be in peace.


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