The lost minds who are continuously planning to fill the empty space in their head with anything from outside world. They are afraid to sit with themselves to check on the knowledge they are consuming. They lead their life with the process of ‘Outside-in’ instead of “Inside out”. There is nothing wrong with being knowledgeable, but must have an understanding what knowledge is getting consumed. Everything is knowledge and it is getting consumed by ear, eyes and stored in the memory. The brain keeps repeating the stored knowledge without listening to any restrictions. It’s like eating food continuously without digesting them at all. It’s like the rabbit who doesn’t know when to stop eating if it finds the favourite grass, it keeps eating and reaches a point when it cannot breath.

The same way the lost minds are consuming everything around them and if they get few minutes to sit with themselves, they become restless as if they are lost in the dark cave of emptiness. In case the emptiness continues a little more, the lost minds find all the depressing memories, all the anger, hatred to entertain the loner time. Some times they get so frustrated that they run out from the lonely space to search for other lost minds to be creative in gossiping or sharing the depressed lonely moment which terrified them. They attracts the same energy & never miss a single opportunity to repeat.

The lost minds are unable to determined what needs to be understood, how it needs to be understood. They are lost somewhere between the sounds and the meaning of contexts. The moment they listen someone is talking about something, immediately they either start measuring how loud the sound is instead of what is being said or immediately start forming sentences to speak out to prove their participation in the conversation. And the lost minds don’t understand their answer doesn’t match the context and not always an answer is being expected.

What could be a solution for them? I am sure they believe in rest in peace after death. They have lost the feeling of their ‘amazing self’ because of the incapability of recognising oneself. They are poor in making time and courage to sit with themselves. They are born to sleep, will be awakened before they are ready to die.

They would then realize there was a huge gap between listening and understanding, between consuming and releasing, between being lost and being discovered.

November Beauty

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