When you are alone, work on yourself, grow fast, make impossible happen. There will be a time when you will feel to sit back settled and you will have those memories to cherish..

Listen to instrumental music and feel the passion the musicians have for their instruments , get inspired.

When you are alone do whatever you want to do by yourself, make your own story. You never know when suddenly you will again become alone, it’s better to have alone experience to keep future support for yourself by yourself..

Your life is the biggest project above all, the project is: Discovering yourself. It would take whole life and you will never get tired knowing yourself. It would help you to realise your true potential.

When you are alone, sitting on a couch, looking outside through the window and all your dreams floating with the snow, make those crazy dream happen in reality, you will feel proud of yourself..

When you seek other’s attention, stop and turn back. Ask a question to yourself: how much of your value depends on them? Now walk again towards the way your turned, I am sure you have the answer already.

Don’t look at the mirror for ten days and look at yourself from within, feel your appearance with the inner eyes, speak to your appearance from within, your perception about yourself will change dramatically and you will find how the perception works as an illusion in our daily life..

What if all the flaws we mark as imperfection is nothing but your uniqueness and the flaws are the other name of ‘uniquely perfect’. After all, we are so damn perfect, there is no doubt about it..

peace in flower

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