The year 2018 has given me so many lessons and revealed all the truths I needed to accept. Gave me new opportunity to choose what life I want here after. This is the year I needed the most in my life.

I would say each single day of this year has taught me something. Harsh truths I had to accept & understand why it happened whatever happened. I learned that I always have a choice to choose which way to go. The realizations inspired me to see the world differently.

Every experience is beautiful on its own way, better to keep as it is. I will always have “Today” with me to live.

This year I thank the year itself and I feel grateful to be here at this moment. I had to wait a long time for this year when I woke up spiritually. The most amazing experience one could have in life.

The world felt more beautiful than ever before, glimpse of true love has touched my soul for the first time and the vision of how Universe works and how we all are connected and belong from the same source was the most beautiful part.

Finding life purpose, finding myself has made it all new. Happiness felt like best friend and all negative emotions have become my children. I learned to enjoy myself the most and know more about me. It’s really important to know oneself and know how amazing we are. That has happened to me this year.

Added few hobbies in my life as: read book which I almost never did, learn from tree and apply in life, laugh at myself on any stupidity and most importantly remove a lot of unnecessary things and people and stop adding the same type again.

Now I dream of beautiful future and everything looks dreamy. Life has become easier as the eyes are open together with the heart. My bag is empty to add good memories and walk on this beautiful life journey.



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