The mother who did not feel loved before her child was in her womb, the mother who didn’t know she is loved by the Universe, the mother who was never aware of the self-love could be challenging for her child’s emotions.

To all the girls I want to put this note today that never ever become pregnant when you are not sure you are loved by yourself. Never ever become pregnant when you do not feel loved. Because you are not yet ready, you are not yet conscious enough to know what love is. When you do not feel fulfilled, when you are not sure about your emotions, do you think you could be aware what emotions play inside of a child?

A mother is full of love, but it needs consciousness to let the love flow through your child. Before you become pregnant, before you feel the need of being mother, love yourself. Sit with yourself and master to love yourself. Honor yourself for being mother in the future.

An unloved mother would never be able to fulfill a child’s need of love. An unloved mother is empty inside, unconscious in her mind and not aware of anyone else’s need.


An unloved mother could definitely give birth to another unloved mother..



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