I am thrilled always when it comes to the story of my wait. What am I waiting for? I am waiting for the revelation of my life path. It includes many things like the revelation of how my life would be when I will be at my 40. Will I be still alone or will I have a family? So obviously till I become 40 I will have so many new things in my life. I could have the man in my life whom I like and have kids  or kid. But what would happen if this doesn’t work. I have plan B obviously for the kids. Will surely become single mother through adoption. I am not that stupid to waste my emotion on wrong people and then become a single mother.

So basically by the time I am 40, I will be a mother anyway. This is how I predict my future. Either the plan A would work or plan B would definitely work. Plan A is up to God or Universe or Destiny and I would not control anything. I will have everything I need. But if I am in a situation go for plan B, I will be controlling things. Both ways are difficult and both ways are beautiful for sure. Life is to experience.

So why I am writing this now? Why I am sharing it publicly? I am setting my next goals. This is what I want and this is how I always walked my way. No matter how hard life has given me challenge, I made it till end of those challenges. I love to see the end and find another beginning. Same as reincarnation. The same continues in one life time. We do not sit back in one place for whole life. Each day is an incarnation throughout the life. Isn’t it.

I will remember at least in this life till the end & it will be beautiful with colorful challenges. I want everything of it to experience. A life partner to grow old with, kids to experience our childhood once more with the same innocence. My words would never fall short if I get to talk about all this. Everything about how I have waited for the right time, how I preserved all the intense feelings just to see what happens next. I want to experience life just the way it flows and nourish myself for each season of life. 

I would always prefer the plan A in my life because that is the one got me this far, I just worked on it as it has come to me. I did sacrifice many things from my comfort zone, but trust me it gets comfortable anyway. I am grateful that my life really showed me lot of colors and made me feel blessed in each turn of it.

The concept of ‘Wait’ has given me a new way of thinking. What I feel now is that the Earth is moving continuously and we count the days. In the same way our life is revolving. New people entered in my life and many faded away. They still exist on this Earth just the way I am. Only destined people cross my way for a long time. Whoever mean to be with me, will be with me anyway. Law of Attraction after all.



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