Life has gifted me a lot of colors and mane more to come. From the time I became aware that all happiness depends on this moment, my life started changing. It usually never happens naturally for those who are ‘lost mind’ as I was. I became aware of the present moment and it’s beauty and consciously practice it. Now I know I am not going anywhere at this moment, I accept this moment, my breath, my feelings, the energy of my body, I feel that the energy flowing continuously. I feel alive. I feel worthy of witnessing this beauty. It’s was worth of investing my effort and decide to practice.

I am blessed..

Every single experience is seeking me even if I do not seek them. Every single incidents are part of my life. I would continue to experience my life this way instead of dreaming of the dreams which are beautiful in sleep state. Sleep experiences are part of sleep, why waste time when awake.


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