the unbeliever

Belief is another form of opinion. Beliefs are illusion or you can say beliefs are not the exact truth. Belief changes person to person, time to time based on one’s understanding and experiences. Some minds are influenced by other’s opinions and some minds are successful to influence other’s with their opinions.

So we know there is a believer and the person who defends the opinion of a believer is called unbeliever. But know that the unbeliever is also believing on something, unbeliever also has an opinion and s/he believes in it. They are not the one who gets easily influenced, they are the one who have their own mind and not bounded by any rules.

There has to be valid points for the beliefs we have. Instead of the intention to defend a believer or an unbeliever (each other), it’s important to know ‘what is the belief ?’ and ‘why I have the belief?’ Defending someone or defending an opinion says we are failing the ‘acceptance tests’. Anyone can have any opinion, knowing that we must know where our opinion differs from theirs. But not necessarily we need to put it on the table until the right moment comes..

An ‘unbeliever’ is much more regarded in my eyes when they have their points..

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