Spiritual journey starts with consciousness which is a replica of universal consciousness. The consciousness observe itself and feel the energy of being alive. It observes how it is breathing, feeling, analyzing and how it is a part of the universal consciousness.

We are consciousness and realization of that fact is the first step that you have entered the spiritual world. The world which is already spiritual, but because of being objectified the world has become objective world. The unconsciousness wants to have a definition of everything as if it cannot understand or feel anything without having a definition. But the definition was also understood. Unconsciousness learned what it did not understand, it learned to validate the definition to understand something with words. The words were unknown and being invented by the unconsciousness to simplify the communication.

If you think for a moment you will realize the words we are using to express our thoughts are not enough to describe your thoughts, there is something more which cannot be described by the words we have but we are just making use of what we have, we are happy to be in limitations. Because we believe in science and it’s objective observation and definition. A scientist is most curious to observe everything s/he can objectify. But there is one moment s/he also looks inward and objectify herself/himself and at the same time s/he becomes the object and observer. That is the first step of spirituality.

Note:by consciousness and unconsciousness I mean human mind.

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