If we cannot imagine ourselves as formless, we will never have the access to the unlimited source of consciousness. Consciousness is all we have. We are consciousness and we need to be conscious about it.

When I look at the sky and the trees, specially the trees of winter in Europe gives me glimpse of how vast this consciousness is. Everything speaks all around. Those trees become black in colour because of the cold and each branches speaking with an art. It feels like they are the masters of stillness and praying all the time. They seem to be more alive in winter as if they are enjoying the oneness all alone. They are continuously approaching me to feel the oneness, the vastness. If the mind is not wide open, it is impossible to be consumed in this oneness.

I am speechless and blessed to be a part of this heaven ‘Earth’.

#consciousnessshift #consciousness #vastness #vastnessofnature #souljourney #awakening #awakened #soulgroup #wintertrees #czechrepublic #liberec #❤️ #😘

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