Life is peaceful when we know what we want in our life at the first place and secondly by removing what doesn’t serve us anymore. Living in peace is more important than the idea of rest in peace. We have only one life which we will remember and we aren’t sure what would happen after we die, then how could we tell that even if there is an ‘afterlife’ we would be happy when we couldn’t learn how to be happy while alive?

Fact right? Then it’s better to focus on being in peace instead of being happy, successful, powerful so and so. Being is peace brings everything all together. How? Well I have always tried to run away or avoid conflicts when I do not have a solution. I would rather be silent, think on it and have a solution and then come back to the conflicting topic. Conflicts makes me anxious or rather I would say a solution is always important for me. If there comes a problem, there must be a solution, else problem never would have been created : that’s what I believe personally.

And that believe has a magic in it. It gives the sense, the strength to solve issues and have a peaceful satisfaction. I may get a question ‘ what if you can’t solve a problem?’. That never happens because I would ask myself ‘ why am I in this problem? am I trying to solve my problem or trying to convince someone else that there is no problem?’ That sounds little selfish right? But I know how to stop convincing people when they don’t believe there is no problem. If someone wholeheartedly believe there is a problem, I would be stupid enough to waste my energy there. It’s better to live their problems. This is what I do when anyone shares their problems as their story line but they are not willing to get it solved. They enjoy the problem and some point they actually pass their time by telling same story of their problems and pass low energy to the person who listens. Basically energy vampires and I spot them quick now.

Knowing how to keep myself in peace is the key to lead a peaceful life. I don’t think we need to sacrifice anything as success, career or power to be in peace. It’s an awareness of self, it’s an awareness how well I could be organized in my personal life and make own values which would be solid enough to stand for you. It’s a choice to be in peace. It’s an acceptance of ‘whatever comes in my way.’ Ultimately we don’t have control over the sequences of the every day. Someday it matches with our plans, kudos to us when we plan well and it actually works. Someday it comes as surprise. Those are the days we need to accept and learn the lesson to manage the surprises. And I must say some days are unexpectedly overflow our expectations/ plans that we forget how less we have expected.

Taking life as it comes is the best way to be in peace. There is no problems, no mistakes in this Universe, we need believe it in order to live a peaceful life just way we believe many more things which doesn’t bring peace in our life.

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