When I Cry..

What to do when I cry? I don’t know because it’s the inner twin who cries.. It cries over the things which my rational self stops it to do.. It cries to do the same which brings hurt to it.. the rational self know the results in the past.. but still it cries to take … More When I Cry..

Men & Emotions..

We know that Women are emotionally vulnerable. The society has accepted our vulnerability even if we get criticized for doing dramas but still we are being accepted in a whole that ‘ women do it’. It is the most common thing anyone could recognize and no one said us in the childhood that ‘Girls do … More Men & Emotions..


Do you think social media has helped us to connect with each other? Social media have told us how to fake our life and disconnect with ourselves. Even though it doesn’t make any real connection we are addicted to it. We are not addicted to be connected with people but we are addicted to escape … More Disconnection..

My Home..

Home is where I live. But where do I live? Home is where I feel peace. But where do I find peace? Home is where I am most comfortable. But where am I comfortable?   In my Body.   Home is my body. The body with whom I am inseparable. The body which makes me … More My Home..


We are creating Illusion, learning Illusion and living the Illusion. We think we know ourselves but what we actually know is the reflection of what others told about us. We have so much of time to investigate on past- present and future, we have so much time to discover the world and outside of the … More Reflect..