At the bottom of our heart we know the truth that we don’t exactly know what we are living. Sometimes it feels all illusion, all magical, everything feels fluid, every form appears still and no resistance exists.

Other time it’s the opposite with forms values goals like dislikes. But still we know nothing would hold us back when the time is to leave for ever, leave the human body.

Formless feelings are not limited as the world of form. If we know how to experience this world of form with an insight of how it is actually formless , everything will start being magical. After all we must admit the truth that we are destined to ‘experience’.

The term ‘experience’ is as vast as the Universe. ‘Experience’ includes everything, every thought we get, every form we recognise, every emotions that makes us alive with different energy frequencies, every movement we would take.

We create our ultimate reality as we want, the way we made sand castles in sea beach. We shaped it as we could & loved it as it was being formed. We are born with magic and the way we are caught up with the objects is our choice of playing that magic and swallow it within as ‘experience’.

It would be amazing when we know we are the magicians of this Universe and working as creators of small small things which actually let us experience the magic of this creation. For example the magic of language made us to express our emotional magic.

In that context don’t you think we have invented the emotions as well? We formed our whole reality, we made the format of any small act we do and carried that format generation by generation.

That’s the magic we often skip to realise when we don’t believe in limitless. We follow the format formed by our ancestors. Try to understand that we are the ancestors of our future generations and if we form a format of limitless, they will experience the magic, they will be destined to experience the magic of limitless.

There will be an era when we human would reach the level of limitless conscious creation that we wouldn’t find any difference between ‘life & afterlife’. Believe in the magic, create some as the contribution to the Universe.

magic of the creation

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