The purpose of our life is as natural as we could imagine. If you think closely you will realise what you think as the purpose of your life is just an illusion. The moment you die nothing will be valuable anymore. But if you could remove the illusion and try to understand why we are born as this human creature you will get only one answer which is: we are born to experience this objective world through the physical body we have got and through the emotions which let us feel what’s going on inside the body whenever it experiences something new. To explain it better I would take an example: suppose you spend all your day in front of the computer because of your work and you are so much consumed with the responsibilities that you totally forget how your body is reacting. If you get a moment to check on the reaction of your body you will realise it doesn’t feel anything special except from some hunger or headaches or body aches.

But when you have a human interaction, have good conversations with a special one, your body reacts on the emotions you are feeling. We feel good but we don’t think ‘ how it happens? or how do we feel better? or what is happening inside the body?’

The basic purpose of this physical body is to feel how the body is reacting on each emotions, just like a chemical laboratory. The purpose is to be conscious about yourself and your experiences instead of being lost and miss to experience all the feelings.

#souljourney #purpose #experienceemotions #emotions #feelyourbody #yourbodyisalive #soulgroup #❤️ #😘

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