In the evening when I get my cup of tea..

I search for someone in my mind but, no one close I see..


Someday being alone feels friendly itself..

Someday it is difficult when the emptiness shouts itself..


I think, I cry, I try..

But sometimes emptiness doesn’t lie..


I remember, When I was in adolescence,

I was being shamed to have friends..

I wasn’t encouraged to find the love in human..


I was blamed as I did all wrong by not finding the match in matching society..

& I was beaten when the sky of my mind-body was cloudy in my puberty..


When the social status matched, I saw long-expected happiness in my home ..

To keep that happiness I was fine to get raped by the choice of my own..


Damages I did to myself just to make few people happy..

and found, they will never learn how to make me happy..



I escaped from their trap..

Learn how to give myself my own back..


My life has changed as I wanted it to be..

I wanted to be alone and let the loneliness speak..


my sky

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